What Can You Do To Get Better Results?

Hey Team! It’s been an exciting week at Rock Solid as we kick off the InBody Challenge! We’re loving the enthusiasm from the Challengers as they post pictures and videos of their fruit and protein breakfast on our Facebook wall … Continue reading

Are You Dehydrated?… How Can You Tell?

How can you tell if you’re dehydrated? When you’re thirsty? When you have a headache? What if you’re dehydrated before you actually experience symptoms? What if your body isn’t running like the well-oiled machine it can because it doesn’t have … Continue reading

How much exercise do I really need?

If you went to 10 different gyms in Clearwater FL, and asked 10 people in each gym, “how much exercise do I need?”, no doubt you would get 100 different answers. And the answers you get would be of little … Continue reading

Doing All This Cardio And Not Losing Weight?

Several studies show that long cardio workouts will ruin your body’s ability to burn fat.
Sounds insane right?
If you are tired of not getting the results you want keep reading!
For ages we have known that doing more cardio is better, but … Continue reading

Should I Stretch Before, After Or During My Workout?

 I’ve heard you should stretch during or after your strength training.  I’ve also heard you should stretch before you exercise.  I usually stretch before.  Can you clarify this for me?
Answer: Stretching is a low intensity exercise designed to improve joint … Continue reading

Machines Or Free Weights?…Here Is Your Answer!

“I’ve been told that free weights are better for you than selectorized
machines that are common in every gym these days. Can you tell me which
gives you the most benefits?”
The first thing you need to understand is that strength training involves … Continue reading

Why Should You “Waste” Money On A Personal Trainer?

A lot of people are not  big fans of the idea of paying somebody to push and coach them to lift more weight or run faster.  What if by doing just that, you are reversing the aging process? What if … Continue reading

A Rock Solid Fitness Tip For The Week: How Much Rest Between Sets?

There is a general rule for how much rest to take between sets when strength training, and that rule has one exception. First I’ll cover the rule, then the exception.
The rule is: you take as much time between sets as … Continue reading

Do You Still Confuse Exercise and Recreation?

The most destructive and misunderstood concept in fitness today among researchers, large health facilities and the general public is the confusion of exercise and recreation.
Exercise is an activity where the body performs an activity of a demanding nature.
Remember , DEMANDING! … Continue reading

What Is High Intensity Training?

Do you know what High Intensity Training (H.I.T.) is? ….. And please DON’T mistake it with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)!
High Intensity Training, also known as H.I.T., is a system of strength training that is characterized by brief and infrequent, … Continue reading