“Is There A Fat Loss Meal Plan in Clearwater That’s Simple And Effective?”

With swimsuit season fast approaching, many people are looking to lose some fat and get a little more “buffed” in anticipation.  Of course, you don’t have to wait for a beach vacation to drop some unwanted fat and get into … Continue reading

How to Lose Weight Naturally – and Keep it Off! (Inspirational Guest Post)

If you, like most of us, have struggled to figure out how to lose weight naturally, and keep the weight off long-term, today is your lucky day.
Because today, we are privileged to share a guest post by Rebecca Freedman, who … Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions Part II

Its two weeks until New Year’s Eve! Those New Year’s resolutions are becoming more pressing in our minds as the countdown to the New Year gets closer, and we want to empower you this year to successfully change your body … Continue reading

Fat Storage: You’re a Natural!

Fat Storage: You’re a Natural!
Way back in the caveman days when our ancestors used to hunt for food and gather what they could from the ground, they never knew when their next meal would be. It wasn’t guaranteed that they … Continue reading

The Yo-Yo Conundrum

Meet Mr. Joe. Joe is 42, six feet tall, 200 pounds, 24% body fat, and eats about 3,000 calories per day through a small breakfast, big lunch and a big dinner.
He’s nervous about his high school reunion coming up in … Continue reading

Top 7 Reasons To Work Hard In Your Workouts

Working hard in the gym (and anywhere else for that matter) is uncomfortable, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. Starting your own business was uncomfortable at times, but isn’t it worth it? Going through med school was difficult, … Continue reading

Solving the Puzzle of Motivation

“Hello, Mrs. Susan, how’s your eating going?”
“Well, it’s alright, I ate too much at lunch yesterday. I went out to eat with a couple of women from the office and I got carried away.”
This scenario is way too common with … Continue reading