Child Obesity: It starts with YOU

The other day I was at a birthday party for my friend’s daughter. She’s an adorable, crazy first grader who never seems to run out of energy. This never ending reservoir of energy coupled with her incredible ability to come … Continue reading

Are Your Habits Hindering Your Results?

Have you ever had one of those days where you get home from work and you’re completely exhausted? You plop down on the couch, put your feet up, and ask your honey for a nice glass of wine. Ahhh…

You deserve … Continue reading

The Secret Weapon To Fat Loss

It’s not a pill. It’s not a diet. It’s really quite simple…. Keeping a daily nutrition journal is the true secret weapon to fat loss and muscle gain. A daily exercise and nutrition journal can double a person’s fat loss, … Continue reading

3 Ways To Help You Reach Your Fat Loss Goals

What’s the point in spending all the time and effort you put in at the gym if your eating habits stop you from reaching your goals? This should be a convicting question to those of you who are frustrated with … Continue reading

The Best Exercise You Can Do

Nothing worth accomplishing is ever easy. I always need to remind myself of that before I get on the leg press. Like many of you reading this, I have a certain hesitation before I get in that seat and get … Continue reading

Client Spotlight: Lessons on Overtraining, Proper Exercise, and Body Composition

Hello everybody! I hope everyone is having an excellent week. Today we’re going to be featuring a client and the changes she made to both her lifestyle and her body by coming in and working with our personal trainers, but … Continue reading

What Can You Do To Get Better Results?

Hey Team! It’s been an exciting week at Rock Solid as we kick off the InBody Challenge! We’re loving the enthusiasm from the Challengers as they post pictures and videos of their fruit and protein breakfast on our Facebook wall … Continue reading

Knowing Your BMR Will Help You Get The Best Results!

Last week we introduced the InBody 570 and briefly mentioned a few of the health factors that it measures. Today we’re going to talk about BMR, or basal metabolic rate.
You can think of BMR as your daily calorie burn rate. … Continue reading

Congratulations to Dean for his amazing achievement in only 90 days!

So happy to introduce our client of the month for October 2012, Dean Ribble . He is a loving husband and father and  very successful in the real estate business.
Dean was really reluctant to give our system a try and made his wife … Continue reading