Why Take It Easy On The Alcohol!

If you are looking for a gym in Clearwater, Florida, you probably live in the same area and also like to enjoy the beach life along with many of  the temptations that come with it. One of those is probably … Continue reading

Think Past Protein!

A lot of gyms in Clearwater, Florida offer post workout meals, shakes and protein bars.If you ever looked at the nutrition facts on most of these products, you will find that they contain a lot of protein and very little … Continue reading

Have A Post Workout Snack Within 30 Minutes After Exercise!

It is critical that you have a “recovery” meal as soon as possible after a High Intensity Training (HIT) workout.Exercise puts stress on your muscles, joints, and bones, and your body “uses up” nutrients during workouts. Post-exercise meals are all … Continue reading

Resistance Training Is A Must If You Are A Type2 Diabetic, But Timing Is Important Too!

Resistance exercise is a very important prescription for individuals suffering from the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes, but little research has investigated whether these individuals receive more benefits from working out before or after dinner.
Now, researchers at the University of … Continue reading

Are You Neglecting Any Muscle Groups?

A lot of gyms and exercise facilities in Clearwater, Florida do not focus on a full body workout and it is very important to make sure you are not neglecting any of your muscle groups including low back and your … Continue reading

High Intensity Is Your Magic!

A lot of people who are looking for a gym in Clearwater, Florida think that spending a lot of hours on the treadmill daily is their best solution when it comes to fitness and health.
Also, too many people are mistakenly … Continue reading

Lifting Weights=Fat Loss!

If you want to lose fat, you have to lift weights!
I’m not saying you can’t or shouldn’t do cardio. If you love to run or bike for reasons other than losing weight, then by all means don’t stop. But if … Continue reading

10 Reasons Why Strength Training Should Be A Part Of Your Life!

What is strength training, and why do we feel so strongly about promoting it? Strength training is the process of improving or increasing the ability to produce muscular force. The benefits of strength training are many, and not only physical … Continue reading

The Survival Instinct – By Dave Durell, MS, PTA, CSCS

Many trainees, frustrated by their lack of progress, seek the “latest training breakthrough” in an effort to stimulate new gains.  In this article I would like to discuss a concept which, once understood and applied, can set the trainee on … Continue reading

Doing All This Cardio And Not Losing Weight?

Several studies show that long cardio workouts will ruin your body’s ability to burn fat.
Sounds insane right?
If you are tired of not getting the results you want keep reading!
For ages we have known that doing more cardio is better, but … Continue reading