How to Prevent Low Back Pain

This morning one of our training clients, who is a nurse at a local hospital, was telling me how two of her co-workers are having trouble doing their jobs because they had low back problems.  She said she was trying … Continue reading

Do You Have Neck Pain? Let Us Help You [Video]

Did you know that 45% of all workers experience neck pain? We get many people who come in to Rock Solid reporting neck pain, watch this video to see how we help them:

One of the main causes of neck pain … Continue reading

Strength Training For Distance Runners

At Rock Solid we get a ton of runners who come in to work with our personal trainers. Some of them are looking to improve their 5k time, others have aches and pains and hear we are the best place … Continue reading

Client Spotlight: Lessons on Overtraining, Proper Exercise, and Body Composition

Hello everybody! I hope everyone is having an excellent week. Today we’re going to be featuring a client and the changes she made to both her lifestyle and her body by coming in and working with our personal trainers, but … Continue reading

Watch Your Back!

At Rock Solid Fitness we are devoted to being the best personal training facility in Clearwater.  One of our specialties here is to help relieve aches and pains through education and strength training. In this post is a short article … Continue reading

Did you know That Weight Gain can lead to Low Back Pain?

Aches and pains in the low back may very often be aggravated and caused by obesity. Most of the time this occurs for people with extra weight in their mid section. This happens because the access weight  pulls the pelvis … Continue reading