“What If I Can’t Afford A Personal Trainer?”

Q: “I want to start an exercise program this year, but what if I can’t afford a personal trainer?”

can't afford personal trainer anymore

A: You are not alone.  Many people want to start a safe, time-efficient workout program to get the best possible results in the shortest possible time, and they know that involves hiring an experienced and educated Personal Trainer.  But how do you make sure you can financially afford it, so you can get the health and fitness benefits you desire without going broke?

“Set a fitness budget, and stick to it”, advises Reyna Gobel, a financial fitness expert and the author of Graduation Debt: How To Manage Student Loans and Live Your Life.  

“Let’s say, for example, that your budget can handle $200 of personal training”, explains Gobel. “Using Mint.com, you’ve realized that you spend around $20 on after-work drinks each Friday night, or $100 a month. Now let’s say you decide to cut that spending in half, thus saving $50 a month. This would allow you to purchase $250 worth of training the following month, instead of $200.”

It really boils down to a matter of priorities.  How important is it to you to be healthy, strong and fit?  How much do you want to avoid wasting time on unproductive and/or dangerous exercise routines, without the guidance of a qualified Trainer?  How likely are you to be able to motivate yourself to do your best and stick with your program long-term without someone there to hold you accountable?  When another year goes by, will you be in better shape, avoiding injury, maintaining long-term good health and living life to the fullest, or will you just be another year older?

If these things are truly important to you – and only you can decide that – then you will make the time and figure out how to work personal training into your budget, just like you do for dentists visits, oil changes, haircuts, and everything else that you pay for on a regular basis that’s important for your well being.

At Rock Solid Fitness, we have many different affordable personal training options.  Contact us today for a Free Introductory Workout, and we will be happy to sit down with you and figure out the best plan for you based on your needs.

Reference: https://blog.mint.com/saving/personal-trainer-on-a-tight-budget-07012010/

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