Do You Still Confuse Exercise and Recreation?


The most destructive and misunderstood concept in fitness today among researchers, large health facilities and the general public is the confusion of exercise and recreation.

Exercise is an activity where the body performs an activity of a demanding nature.

Remember , DEMANDING!

It is proven through research that if muscular loading doesn’t cause momentary muscular failure within 1-3 minutes then the activity is not demanding.

Exercise must challenge the body to change. Even though this challenge is perceived as a threat by the body, it can be performed safely through intelligent and intense strength training like High Intensity Training.

An effective and productive exercise program should lead to improvement in all these factors:

-Strength and Muscular Size;               

-Bone Strength;

-Cardiovascular Efficiency;


-Body Leanness;

-Resistance to injury;

Conversely, recreation is a whole different subject. It is fun, makes the time go by unnoticed and is very healthy for our mental health.

Some examples of recreational activities are:

-jogging,walking,dancing,hunting,bowling,baseball,swimming,wrestling,tennis, mowing the grass;

Some people perform some of these as an exercise but none of them are an actual exercise.

All kinds of activities can elevate your heart rate or fatigue you, or increase your breathing or make you sore, or make you sweat. Unfortunately, all these effects are not an indicator of a productive and worthwhile  exercise.

At Rock Solid Fitness we make sure you get your proper exercise so you can function better and be resilient to injury when performing your favorite recreational activities!



-“Slow Movement” by Ken Hutchins , Exercise vs Recreation ;





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