HIT Resurgence Conference

Hit Resurgence










I had the privilege of attending the HIT Resurgence Conference in Minnesota March 23-24. This was a two day conference put on by Discover Strength.

The roster included some of the big names in high intensity training, including Dr. Ellington Darden, Dr. Wayne Wescott, Dr. Ted Lambrinides, and Mark Asanovich to name a few. The topics ranged from muscle building to fat loss and everything in between with tips on how to stay motivated and stick with it!

Everybody understands how tough diet and exercise can be, so to see professionals in the field explain how they conquer it the right way and still live to talk about it was enlightening! The principals are quite simple, it all goes back to the old saying, calories in vs. calories out. As long as more calories are being burned than consumed and strength training is being implemented, success in your efforts are not far away! In spite of popular belief, patience and hard work do pay off!

New Beginnings

Hi to all!

My name is Christie Jackson, I'm a High Intensity Trainer at Rock Solid Fitness
in Florida. I'm launching this blog in hopes to motivate, communicate, educate,
and inspire anyone who's willing to listen! The beginning of a new year is a
great place to start! Everyone seems to want to lose weight, become healthier,
and lead a better lifestyle. The first step to this, in my opinion, is educating
yourself on making the right decisions and integrating them into your daily
routine. In this blog we will chat about anything and everything health and fitness,
including topics such as workout myths, finding balance in your life, and foods
that heal and harm you. Many new things are also happening at Rock Solid and I'm
sure I will have tons to talk about with starting a new business and the
successes it brings as well as the challenges we overcome!
Cant wait to start this journey! Buckle up and enjoy the ride!