Learn, Grow, and Get Better Every Day

Did you learn, grow, and get better today? Did you do something, anything, to improve yourself in some area of your life? I hope so.

At Rock Solid Fitness, one of our Core Values is: “We continuously seek personal and professional development through educating ourselves and our clients.” Our goal is to be the best Dunedin Personal Training Studio, bar none.

Did you do something today to move you closer to whatever important personal goal you may have in front of you?

Every day you don’t get better, you don’t stay the same, you get worse. Why? Because you’re a day older. And with regard to your fitness goals, every workout you don’t invest in yourself by putting in a maximum effort is a workout you can never get back. There are no “do-overs” in life.

What are some ways you can get better today, with regard to your health and fitness? You can do one more rep on an exercise than you did last time. You can use 5 pounds more than you did last time. You can say no when somebody offers you a donut in the morning. You can drink an extra glass of water. You can eat a fresh fruit. You can skip dessert. You can park 50 yards away from the mall entrance and walk in, instead of driving around the parking lot for 20 minutes looking for a closer space. You can sit up straighter. You can lower the weight on the last rep of your set in 8 seconds instead of 4 seconds. You can go do your scheduled High Intensity workout at Rock Solid Fitness Fl instead of going to happy hour.

What are some ways you can get better today in other areas of your life? You can tell someone you love them. You can clean your room. You can write a letter to a long lost friend. You can give someone a compliment. You can read a self-improvement book or an inspiring biography. You can learn something new. You can make an unpleasant phone call. You can confront a difficult situation. You can do something that scares you. You can complete a project you have been putting off. You can be a good example.

Here at Rock Solid Fitness, we are also in the process of getting better, in order to serve our clients better – through our move to a bigger, better facility in Dunedin. We couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity to provide better service, new programs, new equipment, and new amenities for our awesome clients!

And by the way, our clients are getting excited too – check this out:

Stay tuned for more news on the Rock Solid Fitness Dunedin Move – make sure to Learn, Grow, and Get Better in some way today – and leave a comment below or on our Facebook Page to tell us about it and inspire us!

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