Rock Solid Fitness Dunedin Move – Part 2

Our Rock Solid Fitness Dunedin move to our new location at 2110 Main Street is going great!!

Rock Solid Fitness DunedinPersonal Training Dunedin

                   A Few Weeks Ago                                            Yesterday


Walls are framed out, AC ducts have been added, plumbing is in place – we are cruising!

Personal Trainer Dunedin

Meeting of the Minds – Patty, Jason the landlord, Jeff the contractor

30 minute workout Dunedin

Hmmm, this looks interesting – perhaps parts of a custom table for the lobby or something?

This new space will have several new new features to help serve you better.  When you walk in, you will first be greeted by a Client Services Staff Member, then you can proceed into our lobby area to wait for your Fitness Coach.

Once your workout starts, you will notice several new pieces of strength training equipment for all areas of the body. In addition, we are adding a Woodway Treadmill (preferred by NFL teams) and a Life Cycle recumbent bike.  This will allow us to add High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) workouts to our menu, to add variety and improve metabolic conditioning.

Coming in before work or during your lunch hour for your workout, and worried about going back to work stinky?  No worries – our new facility has a shower.

And of course our InBody 570 body scanner will be making the trip with us, so we will be able to monitor your body composition changes and adapt your training program and nutritional habits for the absolute best long-term results.

In the meantime, it is business as usual at our Clearwater location, so if you haven’t been in for a while, now is a great time to get back into it, just contact us to schedule a workout or schedule yourself online. And if you’ve never worked out with us before, come on in and try us out – on the house.

So check back here often for continued updates on our progress, and the announcement of the date and time for our Grand Opening Party!




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