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Howdy folks! I hope you are all signed up for the Challenge by now, sign ups end this Saturday, July 11! We received a question from a client asking us to clarify some stuff she read about squats and building a better butt. I’m going to go into detail about that, but first, one last reminder about the InBody Challenge.

We are so thankful for all of you who have signed up so far to participate in the InBody Challenge. We are really excited about the Challenge and having you all change your body for the better in this fun, motivating competition. We also want to give you a heads up that you can earn points BEFORE the competition even starts by inviting friends or family to come in for a Free Introductory Workout or an InBody 570 Scan. For those competitive people out there looking to get ahead, this is the only way to earn points ahead of time.

Now, let’s get back to the squats. One of the goals of this particular client is to build a better booty. She is dedicated to this goal and really wants to achieve it, so she has been reading up on how to shape and tone those glutes. But there’s one problem: nearly every article she reads conflicts what the last article said! Should she do bodyweight squats? Weighted squats? How often? Everyday? Every other day? Between sets? Let me clarify a few things for those of you wondering the same thing.

First: her goal is to build a bigger butt. In order to do that, she needs to train her glutes (butt muscles) so that they grow in size. In order for her glutes to grow, she needs to give her body a reason to make them grow. To do that she needs to train at the highest possible effort with weight that she can only do 10-15 reps with. This heavy resistance and high intensity is what will stimulate her body to build bigger muscles. This also means that bodyweight squats are pointless as she gets stronger.

Second: does she even need to squat? There’s nothing magical about squats. A squat is a compound movement that works out the glutes, hamstrings (muscles on the back of the thighs) and quadriceps (muscles on the front of the thighs). The leg press that we use at Rock Solid works the exact same muscles, except in a safer way – no heavy load on your spine and no balancing or fear of crashing down with lots of weight on top of you.

Third: how often does she need to leg press? (We have now moved on from squats to the safer leg press in this big booty journey.) This is an excellent question. If she’s training at the proper intensity, then she only needs to train her glutes one to two times per week. That’s it! If she trains them more, then she will not give them a chance to grow.

Finally, she needs to eat right. Eating too much will cover those shapely glutes with fat; eating too little won’t provide her body with the fuel to build those shapely groups.

So to cap it all off, here’s how to build a better booty: eat right, try extra hard on the leg press, and get enough rest. It’s simple, but if you’ve ever been on the leg press or struggled with controlling your eating, then you know it’s not easy!

We love hearing questions from our clients! Please feel free to call us at 727-282-1800, leave a comment, or email us at with any questions you may have, as your success is our primary focus. Also, don’t forget to register for the InBody Challenge and refer a friend to us to get EARLY points for you team!

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