Congratulations to Dean for his amazing achievement in only 90 days!

So happy to introduce our client of the month for October 2012, Dean Ribble . He is a loving husband and father and  very successful in the real estate business.

Dean was really reluctant to give our system a try and made his wife Wendy,who is a Rock Solid Fitness client, ask around where he can find a spin class because the doctor told him he needs to lose some weight. He was absolutely adamant that this workout 30 minutes, twice a week isn’t going to do anything for him. He wanted that spin class , thinking that all he needed to do was cardio exercise.

Finally he decided to come to one of Rock Solid Fitness’s  free monthly seminars . Dean stood at the very back with his arms crossed and not really buying into anything that was said. By the end of the educational talk something clicked and he decided to give Rock Solid Fitness’s system a try…..

After only 90 days of exceptional commitment and discipline Dean Ribble lost 15.6 lbs. of fat and gained 10.4 lbs. of muscle and  is keeping the hard work. He is an absolute inspiration for the staff and the rest of the clients.

The Rock Solid Team is very grateful  for the opportunity to help Dean in his journey to healthier and happier self.






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