Are Your Habits Hindering Your Results?

Have you ever had one of those days where you get home from work and you’re completely exhausted? You plop down on the couch, put your feet up, and ask your honey for a nice glass of wine. Ahhh…

relax with wine

You deserve this. You’ve been working overtime, solving problems and taking care of everyone else. It’s YOUR turn to relax, enjoy yourself, and do what YOU want to do.

But wait- is this really what you want to do? I know you really do want the wine, or maybe it’s a cigarette or a few handfuls of chips, but do you want the result that’s going to stem from that? Do you want to increase your chance of getting lung cancer? Do you want the extra calories that the wine or chips will bring? At the time you don’t think of this, but you need to understand the impact this has on your long term goals. Losing weight is super tough, and throwing some unnecessary calories in your diet at the end of the day, or when you’re stressed is making this difficult task even harder.

You can’t let your habits hinder your results. Too often we hear people identify what stops them from reaching their goal, and then they don’t do anything about it because it is a habit and gives them temporary happiness. It goes like this:

“Ok Jane, I know you want to lose 20 pounds- how are you going to do that?”

“Well, instead of coming home and drinking two glasses of wine every night, I’m going to drink wine just two nights a week, and go for a walk after dinner.”

Two weeks later:

“Hey Jane! How’s the walking going? Are you drinking wine just two nights a week?”

“Well…I’m still drinking wine most nights, but I did go for a walk last week! That’s good right?”

No, it’s not! By doing the same behaviors, you will stay the same weight. Here’s my plea to you: don’t let your habits hinder your results! Don’t give up long term joy for short term happiness. Take control of your life by identifying what’s stopping you from reaching your goals, and conquer that habit. Turn that wine into water, those chips into carrots, and write down what you’re eating. I know this may sound boring or difficult, but you will be more happy and healthy with the results.

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