What Can You Do To Get Better Results?


Hey Team! It’s been an exciting week at Rock Solid as we kick off the InBody Challenge! We’re loving the enthusiasm from the Challengers as they post pictures and videos of their fruit and protein breakfast on our Facebook wall (P.S. carbs are important, so don’t forget that oatmeal or toast!). Remember, it’s not too late to post a picture or video of your breakfast! You get 2 points for a picture and 3 points for a video, and you can post and get points every day this week!

I got asked a question from a client the other day and it was a very familiar situation. He asked me, “How can I get better?” I think he was looking for a fix-all answer, or maybe a magic recipe. Something like, “eat 3 cups of kale per day to help burn off that stubborn fat,” or “cut out pasta to lose that belly.” Or maybe he was looking for the secret workout that he wasn’t doing, but thought he should be.

I told him this: “try harder.”

He kinda frowned at this plain answer. But it’s the truth. All too often he stops short in his workouts. When he’s on the leg extension and it’s the 14th rep and his legs are on fire and he’s uncomfortable he often quits. Quitting won’t get him better! Trying another rep is what will get him better! Trying another rep will burn more calories, get him stronger, and build those calorie burning engines we call muscles.

Your effort is one of the few things you can control during your workout. Kids and work can mess with your sleeping and eating patterns, so coming into the gym feeling like a million bucks isn’t always possible. However, trying as hard as you can is. Our program is an effort based program. The harder you push yourself, the more results you’ll see.

For those of you looking to get extra points for your team, remember to bring in a friend for a workout or an InBody Scan! Also, for those of you not in the Challenge, bringing in a friend will get you a FREE WORKOUT! Please feel free to give us a call at 727-282-1800 or email us to schedule a Free Introductory Workout for those of you wanting to see how you can get stronger or lose fat.

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