How to Lose Weight Naturally – and Keep it Off! (Inspirational Guest Post)

If you, like most of us, have struggled to figure out how to lose weight naturally, and keep the weight off long-term, today is your lucky day.

Because today, we are privileged to share a guest post by Rebecca Freedman, who was the featured speaker at our last Free Monthly Health and Fitness Seminar.

And Rebecca knows exactly what she is talking about – because she has lost over 120 pounds, without surgery or drugs, and kept it off long-term.

how to lose weight naturally

So here is a little background info on Rebecca from her website, followed by her thoughts on her Rock Solid Fitness experience. Take it away Rebecca!


How to Lose Weight Naturally

I am a health coach, educator, blogger, and nutrition enthusiast.

My passion for health and wellness developed during my journey of losing 120+ pounds. I formed habits of using food as a source of comfort and a way to cope with my emotions at a young age and allowed these behaviors to escalate over the years. The purpose of food in my life was not to nourish my body when I was feeling hungry, but rather to fill a void when I was feeling bored, sad, lonely, excited, happy, anxious, etc.

Throughout my weight loss journey and my education at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I have learned how to maintain a healthy lifestyle by healing my relationship with food and letting go of negative thought patterns that no longer serve me.

In addition to offering individualized support through one-on-one health coaching, I enjoy speaking about shifting from emotional eating to mindful eating, the weight-loss journey, how to make sustainable change in your life, and how to have a healthy relationship with food and exercise. I also teach healthy cooking classes, where the focus is on cooking naturally without a recipe.

I do not believe in dieting. I think that self-love and health go hand-in-hand. Through the development of self-love, we are able to treat the root of the problem, rather than just treating the symptoms.

As someone who has truly been there, nothing gives me greater joy than helping others reach their health goals and feel comfortable in their own skin.

lose weight naturally


My Rock Solid Fitness Reflection


Rock Solid Fitness: Expectations Exceeded.

On my drive to my first workout at Rock Solid Fitness, I felt very skeptical. Looking back at my experiences working out in a gym setting, I remembered that it never felt quite right for me:

  • I never liked being stuck indoors; I like to be outside in nature!
  • People seemed to be so fixated on their appearance, rather than their health
  • I never knew how long to be at the gym, how my sets/reps to do, what muscles to work, etc.
  • I hate cardio machines. I get bored after 30 seconds!
  • I always lift too much and hurt my back

My gym memberships never last very long because I end up injured or bored. I have always thought about going to the gym the same way as I think about dieting. As a society, we think we need to go on a diet and get a gym membership to lose weight and get healthy, but I have never found this model to be sustainable.

Little did I know, Rock Solid Fitness is the exception. I am so thankful that I gave them a chance! After spending a morning at RSF working out and getting to know their program and philosophy, I learned that not all gyms are the same.

Rock Solid Fitness offers a 30 min, 2 times a week, personalized strength training program. They use machines, rather than free weights to reduce risk of injury. A personal trainer is standing with you, programming your workout for you the whole time, ensuring that you are comfortable, safe, and being challenged. The workouts consist of slow push and pull movements in different muscle groups with a unique rep structure that focuses on efficiency.

My trainer, Grant, took the time to get to know my body and understood its needs and limitations. I felt like I had direction, support, and safety, all wrapped up into a quick, time-efficient workout.

After reflecting on my experience with owner, Patty Durell, I realized it wasn’t gyms as a whole that I had an issue with, it was more about the lack of understanding of how a gym workout could fit into my life and what its importance would be.

I grew up with a sedentary lifestyle and was very overweight. Now after losing over 120 pounds, I love running along the water, circuit training in the park, long, brisk walks on the beach, rock climbing, yoga, bike riding, paddle boarding, kayaking, etc. When I was almost 300 pounds, it was difficult and uncomfortable to do outdoor activities like this. My lifestyle has changed and become more active now.

The most interesting part of my conversation with Patty was an analysis of the difference between activity and exercise. Based on my background, I’m not used to enjoying activities that require physical effort. These outdoor activities that I have grown to love aren’t always “exercise,” often times I am just participating in a hobby that I enjoy and it just happens to be an active hobby.

Rock Solid Fitness’s program provides balance by offering the exercise and strength work that is needed in order to become stronger and perform better in your life outside of the gym!

All the best,

Rebecca Freedman

Rebecca's progress Rock Solid Fitness

Only a few pounds difference between the two pictures, but getting a little more toned from strength training. One day at a time!


Thanks Rebecca!

Check out Rebecca’s website – Click Here


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