Ladies Lift and Be Healthy, Happy and Good Looking for Life!

Here are some of the benefits of lifting weights for women:

1. Your Metabolism Increases

With age, women naturally lose muscle mass.This causes metabolism to slow and that is how the extra layer around the midsection can be built very easily by the time you reach 30 years of age. “When you do weight-bearing exercises you start revving up your metabolism and it keeps burning for many hours after your workout”, says Wayne Westcott,PhD, director of fitness research at Quincy College and Prevention advisory board member”.

2.You Will Burn More Fat

Muscle is, let’s say, more “active” than fat tissue. Every pond of muscle tissue burns about 30 calories a day just to sustain itself.Even when you are sitting on the couch or you are being trapped at your work desk for hours, the muscles that you have already developed will burn  more calories and help you get rid of the extra fat all over your body.

3.Your Entire Body Will Get Leaner

The weights will sculpt your body and create curves and definition right where it’s most wanted.

4.You Will Fit Into Your Skinny Jeans

It is well known that one pound of fat takes up a lot more space than one pound of muscle.You surely rather have muscle because it takes up less space.

5.You Will Reduce Your Risk Of Heart Disease And Diabetes

According to Timothy Church, MD, PhD,  who is a preventative medicine expert at Pennigton Biometrical Research Center,muscle helps remove glucose  and triglycerides from the blood stream, which reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes ,as well as hardening of the arteries”.

6. Strength Training Is Great For Your Bones

It is scientifically proven that strength training is one of the best way to “break-proof” your bones. “Lifting weights can help counteract age related bone loss” ,says the director of the Toni Stabile Center of Osteoporosis at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York City.

Strength training is also proven to improve your balance and keep you as strong as possible which makes you resilient to all kinds of injuries.

Ladies Lift and Be Healthy , Happy and Good Looking for Life!

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