The Best Exercise You Can Do

Nothing worth accomplishing is ever easy. I always need to remind myself of that before I get on the leg press. Like many of you reading this, I have a certain hesitation before I get in that seat and get squished up to the platform to the click clicking that reminds us all of a Busch Gardens roller coaster. I know the burning that is soon to come and the effort that I’ll have to put forth, and sometimes I’m just not sure if I can do it. I start the set and sure enough, it’s much heavier than I remembered. My trainer keeps motivating me and tells me to take it one rep at a time. My legs and butt are on fire, I can’t catch my breath and I can’t even think straight. When my trainer asks me to do one more rep I inadvertently agree.

Before I know it, it’s over and I come back to my senses. It’s over. And what’s that? I did two more reps than last time? And I’ve gone up 20 pounds in the last month? Maybe my legs don’t burn that bad. Maybe all that effort was worth it.

This feeling of great accomplishment is why, despite all the whining, the leg press is my favorite exercise. Knowing that I made progress on something so challenging pumps me up. Each and every time I make progress, it means I achieved the impossible. Last week it was impossible to do more than 12 reps; today I did 14 reps! It was impossible for me to do more than 14 reps today, but I know that next week I’ll achieve the impossible once again.

Besides this amazing feeling of accomplishment that accompanies conquering the leg press, there are tons of health benefits that come from working hard on it. For one, the leg press builds more muscle than any other exercise: your quads, hamstrings and glutes are all working during this exercise. We always say that muscles are calorie burning engines so for those of you who are looking to lose fat, this exercise is key. Performing the exercise will burn lots of calories because it is so demanding, but also your metabolism will be higher the next few days because of the recovery process your body undergoes to repair those muscles.  In addition to the recovery process costing calories, an increased amount of muscle will make your BMR higher.

For the ladies wanting to build a better booty– this is your favorite exercise as it works your butt the best. The gluteus maximus are the primary movers here. Also, for the ladies with or in danger of getting osteoporosis, this is one of the best bone producing exercises so it is especially important for you to work hard on here!

And finally, for us men, the amount of muscle used during the leg press releases the most testosterone, helping us grow both bigger muscles and more hair on our chests-two things that the ladies can’t resist.

So ladies and gentleman, we know how hard the leg press is, but remember that nothing worth accomplishing is ever easy and helping yourself towards your goal of a healthier life through intense exercise is no exception. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

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