Top 7 Reasons To Work Hard In Your Workouts

Working hard in the gym (and anywhere else for that matter) is uncomfortable, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. Starting your own business was uncomfortable at times, but isn’t it worth it? Going through med school was difficult, but wasn’t it worth it? Law school was a bear, but wasn’t it worth it? Here are the top 7 reasons for why you should work hard during your workouts:
1. It’s the only way to build strength. Don’t you want to be strong enough to pick up your kids? When you get older, you don’t want to have difficulty getting up and down off of the floor, or up and down from a chair. When you’re stronger won’t hiking, skiing and playing tennis be easier? Strength also helps prevent injuries in these sports. Your goal should be to get as strong as possible so that you can physically handle whatever life throws at you. Working hard is the only way to get stronger.

2. Working hard makes you mentally tough. Each time you come to the gym and work hard you’re pushing your mental limits. We are asking you to do something that is difficult and uncomfortable; by you pushing yourself to the limit and refusing to give up, you’re teaching yourself not to give up and to push the limits in other areas of your life.

3. It’s the only way to build muscle. Building muscle is a physical adaptation to strength training that only results from hard work. The bigger the stimulus (your effort), the bigger the adaptation (your muscles). And for those of you who are scared to build muscle remember these two things: 1. Muscles are calorie burning engines- the more muscle you have the more efficient at burning calories you are. 2. If you’re scared of building muscle it’s very likely that you won’t build muscle. Building muscle is hard, especially for women.

4. A gargantuan effort requires a gargantuan amount of calories. This is simple and self explanatory: the harder you work out the more calories are required to complete your workout.

5. Your metabolism is elevated 24-48 hours after an intense strength training session. When you strength train at a high effort, you’re actually breaking your muscles down. Your body requires extra calories the next few days to recover and rebuild your muscles.

6. Pride. In the intro I mentioned that difficult things are usually worth it. Remember how proud you were when you graduated from college? Or when you landed that big job? Look at your workouts the same way. They should be incredibly difficult, but upon completing them you should be incredibly proud.

7. The final reason is this: the harder you push yourself, the more results you’ll get. If you come in here and don’t want to work hard, then you’re only cheating yourself. We know you want to lose weight, or gain muscle; that’s why you came here. However, you aren’t given these rewards, you have to earn them.



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