10 Strategies for a Healthier Life

With Halloween having just passed, and Thanksgiving coming up quicker than we’d like, were already hearing about the impending increase in food intake. That’s why we put this little guide together to help you ward off the holiday heavies that come knocking every year. Here are 10 strategies for you to use for a healthier life this holiday season:

  1. Shop on a full stomach. Have you ever walked in to Publix when you’re starving and everything looks delicious? Normally you don’t even notice the chips and soda, but when you’re hungry and all that is unhealthy is calling your name, it’s tougher to say no to those foods. In order to not put yourself in that state of temptation and weaker willpower, make sure to eat a snack before you go grocery shopping.
  2. Don’t keep junk food in your house. If you conquer Strategy #1, it will make Strategy #2 much easier. If there are no thin mints in the house, how can you blow through a whole sleeve while watching House Hunters? Exactly; you can’t.
  3. Eat a snack before you go out to eat. This is similar to Strategy #1. When you’re hungry and you open up the menu everything looks amazing. What fitness goals? They all go out the window when you’re starving. Avoid that vulnerable position by eating a snack before you go out to eat.
  4. Eat your food sitting down at a table and from a plate. Have you ever been at a party and before you know it, you’ve eaten half a bag of chips and a ton of guacamole? And the worst part is you’re not even full! Grazing like this can easily add unwanted and unfulfilling calories to your day. Avoid this by putting the food you’re going to eat on a plate and sit down while you eat.
  5. Start your day with a big breakfast and don’t skip meals. Sumo wrestlers skip breakfast and workout on an empty stomach in the morning. This is so that they can eat an enormous amount of food for lunch, which will help for maximum fat storage. They also have a large dinner in the evening. Do you ever skip breakfast? Or lunch? And make up for it by having a ton of food later? Skipping meals can lead to violating Strategies #1 and #3, and will also ensure that you store the most fat possible. It’s best that you have a big breakfast, and eat a few moderate meals throughout the day.
  6. Record your eating. The secret weapon to fat loss is a nutrition journal. A few years ago there was a study done with 1,700 people. They found out that those who wrote down what they ate lost twice the amount of weight than those who didn’t record their eating. Writing down what you eat can help you be moderate your caloric intake, as well as plan future meals and notice bad eating habits.
  7. Crowd out bad foods with good foods. When you’re planning your meals or putting food on your plate try to fill up on nutrient dense, low calorie food (such as vegetables) before you move on to fatty beef or high calorie desserts.
  8. Plan your meals ahead of time. Don’t decide what you’re going to eat when you’re starving. That is when you’re most likely to eat the fast food, or whatever is convenient. Instead, plan and cook or shop for your meals ahead of time so that you can make a healthy decision about what you’re going to eat.
  9. Get Social. Having a partner or being with a group can make workouts and eating healthy fun, as well as motivating you when you don’t feel like doing it, or holding you accountable and making sure you’re eating right and working out.
  10. Plan your workouts ahead of time. We work with hundreds of people at Rock Solid and we’ve found that for the most part those who plan their workouts ahead of time and stick to a schedule are the most consistent. If somebody always works out Mondays and Thursdays they’re more likely to stick to that schedule because it’s a habit and they’ve decided on a day and time for it. On the other hand, if somebody says, “I’ll work out on Tuesday, and then I’ll call you later in the week to schedule a second one,” we find that they’re much less consistent.

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