How much exercise do I really need?

If you went to 10 different gyms in Clearwater FL, and asked 10 people in each gym, “how much exercise do I need?”, no doubt you would get 100 different answers. And the answers you get would be of little to no value to you – because you asked the wrong question. Here is why:

Many people put off starting an exercise program because they have the mistaken belief that in order to get any meaningful results, they will have to devote hours upon hours every week to grinding out long workouts in the gym. Workouts that take longer than an hour to perform, and/or are performed more than 3 days a week, are not only unnecessary, they are actually counterproductive. The reason is that physically, they consume a tremendous amount of energy, which usually cannot be fully recovered in time for the next workout; and mentally, they quickly lead to burnout and cause the once highly motivated trainee to abandon his or her fitness goals.

That’s why trying to figure out the answer to “how MUCH exercise do I NEED?”  is taking you in the wrong direction, and is reflective of the attitude that More = Better.  This idea has limited value as a socio-economic principle, as in more money, more love – i.e., more values – is better than less.  But even in those areas, there is a limit; if you are madly in love with your spouse, and also madly in love with a few other people, you’ve got a problem :).

So here at Rock Solid Fitness Dunedin FL, instead of asking:

“How MUCH exercise do I NEED?”

We advocate asking yourself:

“How LITTLE exercise do I REQUIRE?”

And the answer to the second question is much less than most people think.

After completing thousands of workouts with hundreds of happy, successful clients, we have found that 1-3 workouts per week, of no more than 30 (intense) minutes each, is all that most people require.

best gyms in Clearwater FL

That is why you should never shop for time when you are shopping for the best gyms in Clearwater FL, but for the degree of effort that is expected from you during the workout.  And if you put in a maximum effort, a long workout will be unnecessary and undesirable.

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