Watch Your Back!

At Rock Solid Fitness we are devoted to being the best personal training facility in Clearwater.  One of our specialties here is to help relieve aches and pains through education and strength training. In this post is a short article and video explaining how we relieve back pain.

80% of all people will experience low back pain at some point in their lives, and it is the #1 cause of disability in the workplace worldwide. One thing to help that problem is proper exercise. You have muscles along each side of the lumbar spine that protect and move the lower spine, and assist with lifting. Increasing the strength of these muscles will help the lumbar spine muscles do their job of protecting and assisting, and we find this usually helps our clients with pain relief.

The problem with most conventional exercises that people do for their low back is that these exercises are really hip and leg exercises, such as dead lifts or good mornings. The only way to isolate your lumbar spine muscles is to immobilize your pelvis. This requires special equipment like the Nautilus Low Back Machine (with pelvic straps) we have at Rock Solid Fitness. Through progressive strength training and using this well designed machine we are able to increase the strength in our clients’ low backs. This has helped relieve low back pain, as well as protect them from future injury.

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