Do these 3 things to get the most from your fitness program

It takes a certain level of commitment to start and maintain a fitness program long enough to see some good results.  Beyond that, good results  can only be kept if you continue training consistently-the phrase “use it, or lose it” applies here.

And once you arrive at the gym or training studio, what you do when you get there makes a big difference.  If you just “go through the motions”, results will be negligible.  As with most worthwhile things in life you get out of it what you put into it.  So your choice is this-are you going to just try to get through the workout, or are you going to get the most you can from the workout?

With this in mind, there are three things you can do which will serve as the foundation for a successful fitness training program.  These recommendations are based on behaviors we see in our most successful training clients.  Remember, success leaves clues-if you do what successful training clients do, you will become a successful training client.  This is why we encourage you to do these 3 things to get the most from your fitness program:

1. Show up for your appointment.

2. Listen to your Coach.

3. Put in a maximum effort.

Now, let’s go a little more in depth on point #1.

Show up for your appointment

The first, and rather obvious, thing you need to do to be successful is to show up for your scheduled appointment.  You need to develop a “no matter what” attitude toward making it in for your workouts.  Barring a debilitating illness or injury, you need to make it to your scheduled workouts even when you don’t feel like going.  What we have found is that it’s natural to have times when you don’t feel like working out, but if you can just force yourself to go, lo and behold you might (and often will) have your best day ever!  It’s a recipe for failure to wait until you feel motivated, then go workout; a much better approach is to just go, and once you get there you will get motivated as you get into the workout.

Check out what Marilyn says about showing up for your appointment:


In our next post, we will discuss point #2: Listen to your Coach.


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