Don’t Forget The Rest!- by Dave Durell

Believe it or not  a vacation and some extra rest, once in a while, is exactly what you need mentally and also physically as well! Forget about recommendations like “You should keep working out during your vacation so you don’t get out of shape” and here is why:

While I was on a mini vacation I noticed some interesting things happening to my physical appearance. Although I was not even thinking about training, much less doing any , I became aware of my muscles appearing fuller and larger, while at the same time I was appearing a lot leaner.

I realized that the positive changes in my appearance were cause by the relaxing lifestyle.

This intriguing transformation made me think of some other examples of increased recovery effecting the physical appearance and performance I had heard about in the past.

It reminded me of reading something by Ellington Darden(1) about Arthur Jones claiming he could increase the size of someone’s arms by 1/2 inch from one workout. It is not a surprise that Jones had bodybuilders flying in from all over the world to take him up on his challenge.

Jones’ secret was exactly what I experienced during my vacation. He would have the chronically over-trained person completely rest at a Daytona Beach hotel for 3 days; then on the fourth day he would put them though a murderous arm workout,then another night at the hotel. The next day, the bodybuilder’s arms would be 1/2 inch bigger because of all the rest before and after the workout.

Another article called “After Working The Rest Is Easy”, on the positive effect of extended periods of rest on competitive runners, in Dan Riley’s old book “Strength Training by The Experts”(2).

It was about how several distance runners had won major championships after being seriously ill or injured,  and being forced to take several weeks off from training.

Don’t underestimate the value of recovery to your training success. Take a little extra time once in a while to let your body, and your mind, fully recover from stress of training, and life in general. Extra rest is one of the best things you can do to enhance your training efforts.

Never forget that you are training to improve the quality of your life and not let it enslave you! Go relax a little ; your body will thank you for it!

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