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This is the start to our ten week series of tips on how to dine out smart and stay committed to a healthy lifestyle. It is our belief that when you are beginning a new lifestyle change you must have tremendous discipline, commitment and control.  If you are trying to lose weight, you must control (weigh, measure, and journal) the calories you put in your body.  It has always been our advice that when initiating such a lifestyle change and creating new habits, you should not eat out in a restaurant or someone else’s kitchen/home.  WHY?  You have only a little idea about the amount, and limited control of the calories, that will be served to you.  BUT, let’s be real.  There will be times when you just can’t avoid it; a business meeting, a celebration, an office party, a business or personal trip out of town…

So, what do you do?

Dining Out Tip #1  

Don’t arrive hungry!  Make sure you had a piece of fruit and or veggies, and a HUGE glass of water.  This will do 2 things; it will make it easier for you to control your portions, and it will allow you to enjoy the event or celebration you are at by being able to focus on the people or situations around you rather than feeling the pit of your stomach sucking on your back bone looking for food while it is screaming FEED ME.

Stay tuned for Dining Out Tip #2 next week and remember to join us for our FREE Monthly Seminar at our location on Tuesday, April 1st at 7pm. You will find out How To Create Healthy Habits That Last and receive 10% Off your next purchase at Rock Solid Fitness!


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