Technique of the Week: 260 Max Protocol

Here is a new Technique of the Week guaranteed to wake up your muscles and propel you to new heights of muscular development: the 260 Max protocol.

As everybody who reads this blog knows by now, easy workouts that only require a minimal amount of effort do not build muscle. To make progress, you have to force your muscles to work very hard, near the limits of their existing capacity. The 260 Max protocol definitely fits the bill.

To start out, for this technique we will select a weight for you that is about 20% heavier than what you would normally use for a regular set of 8-12 reps to failure. This is ok though, because you are only going to be lifting this weight once.  Then, to make a serious dent into your negative, or strongest, level of strength, you’re going to lower the weight in 60 seconds. If you’ve never experienced this, it takes some serious discipline and resolve to complete it, and you will feel a deep muscle stimulation like no other.

As if that wasn’t enough, once all that is over with we will lower the weight by 50% and have you perform as many regular (2″ up, 4″ down) reps as possible to failure.  Trust me, you’ll be done after that.

And, given the proper rest and nutrition, you’re muscles will be bigger and stronger by your very next workout.  I guarantee it.

Check out the 260 Max Protocol in action:

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