This Is How You Take Control!


                                                                                                                       Dining Out Tip#3

Take Control – In order to be successful in anything, you have to be so focused on your goal that NOTHING will stop you from carrying out the steps you know are necessary to reaching that goal.  So, from the second you sit down in your seat or arrive at your social event, take control of your food intake.

You MUST be in complete charge of the event.  This should give you a sense of empowerment and confidence.

A.  If you are in a restaurant, ask your server not to bring any bread or pre-meal snack to your table

B.  If you are going to a celebration or function and have the opportunity to bring a dish, bring something you know you can feel good about eating; a veggie platter with a humus or salsa dip, a fruit salad, or even a great veggie salad and a low calorie dressing (on the side of course).

There can be a lot of awkwardness a person can feel when having to order certain foods and make special requests in front of others.  I am telling you that you cannot care what the server thinks, what the other guests think, what your friends may say or think.  It is NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS, it is ONLY YOUR BUSINESS.

Do you want it or not?  Get over it, the embarrassment if you have any.  When you reach your goal you will be happy to tell the server EXACTLY what you need to maintain the NEW YOU and you will be proud of the fact that you have more commitment, will power, and dedication to your goal than most of the other people that surround you.  Set an example for yourself and others. 

 What other people think is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.  YOU are the most important thing.





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