What do Love and Exercise Frequency Have In Common?

 This goes back to the “more is better” fallacy: “if working out 3 times a week is good, 6 times a week will give me twice as good results twice as fast”.  Right?  Wrong.  Working out takes energy, and that energy has to be recovered first before any changes in your appearance can take place.  If you keep pounding your body, day after day, with no rest days in between, you never give your body an opportunity to recover, overcompensate, and make changes to itself.  The workouts merely stimulate the body changes you desire, after which you need to give your body an opportunity to produce those changes by giving it a rest.  That’s why exercising only 1 or 2 muscle groups per day, 6 days a week is a mistake.  Train your body as a unit, and rest your body as a unit.  You will make faster progress, you’ll feel a lot better, and you’ll be more likely to stick with your program for the long term.

So the answer to our question is that love and exercise frequency have NOTHING in common! We all need a lot of love in our life but when it comes to exercise infrequent and intense workouts is best!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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