How To Add 4.5 Years To Your Life

I hope everyone is having a great week! For those of you in the Challenge– excellent job posting the videos of you and your leisure time physical activity! (spoiler alert: today we’ll be talking about why this is so important for your health); for those of you not in the Challenge but working out with us- keep training hard! Remember we talked last week about how important your effort is. And for those of you reading this but not working out with us- come check us out! We always do Free Introductory Workouts and would love to give you an excellent experience here at Rock Solid Fitness.

This week’s Facebook Challenge for the InBody Challenge was to post a picture or video of you doing leisure time physical activity such as riding a bike or talking a walk (we recommend this to everybody, not just InBody Challengers!). We’ve all heard that this kind of activity is good for you, but how good? And how much physical activity do you need?

The National Institutes of Health did a study with 650,00 adults asking these very questions and this is what they found out: people live up to 4.5 years longer with leisure time physical activity, and they recommend engaging in 2.5 hours of moderate intensity exercise or 1.25 hours of vigorous intensity exercise. We love these findings, but for many of us, where do we find 2.5 extra hours in our week to do moderate exercise?

By lifting at a high effort level for just two thirty minute sessions per week we’ve already knocked out an hour of vigorous exercise and put on muscle. To make sure you are getting the full amount of recommended exercise, we have challenged you to get some extra leisure time exercise in addition to your high intensity workouts. This can include going for a walk on the beach, riding your bike down the Causeway, or mowing the lawn (riding lawn mowers don’t count).

Please remember last week’s challenge was to eat breakfast every day, so don’t forget to keep doing that! These challenges are meant to instill good habits in you, and eating breakfast and engaging in physical activity are excellent ways to stay healthy! If you’re looking for ways to incorporate vigorous physical activity into your life to add years to your life please email us at or give us a call at727-282-1800 to schedule your Free Introductory Workout!

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