Client Spotlight: Everybody Should Strength Train

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This week’s post is a Client Spotlight and you all are getting the old two-for-one! We are featuring both the long timer Mr. Terry Gale, and his amazing wife Mrs. Marilyn Gale.

Terry is a former basketball coach from Michigan who always comes in to Rock Solid with a big smile on his face, excited to talk sports with the guys. Marilyn is a retired nurse, and is absolutely the rock that holds her family together. Without her love and support I would not be writing this article, as this amazing story wouldn’t be possible.

13 years ago Terry had a stroke that left him without the use of his right arm and leg. He landed in inpatient and outpatient physical therapy at the hospital where Dave and Patty worked as physical therapy assistants. Once he was finished with his physical therapy, he still needed to strength train and work on his motor functions, so he started working out with Patty in the gym. His two biggest goals were to be able to drive again and get back on the golf course, both of which he thought were never possible.

Marilyn has had back problems all of her life, leading to pain and loss of mobility. Occasionally her pain was so bad she was in a wheelchair or using a walker to get around her own house, and it was difficult for her to care for her husband. Finally, the pain led her and her doctors to decide surgery was necessary. However, as Marilyn was laying down in the operating room about to have the surgery, her doctor asked her how she was feeling. Since her back was not bothering her that much that day, he advised that she not have the surgery, so she didn’t. Shortly after that fateful morning she started working out at Rock Solid as well.

Today both Terry and Marilyn strength train twice a week with us. Although they lead different lives, strength is equally important for both of them. Since Terry lacks the use of his right side, it’s important for his left side to be as strong as can be. Through years of experience in the physical therapy world, Patty and Dave have constructed, and taught the rest of the staff, a strength training program that is safe and effective for Terry. With Marilyn, she needs to be strong not only to take care of her husband, but also to take care of herself. Helping Terry around with everyday tasks can put a lot of stress on her already injured back, so strengthening the muscles that move and support her spine are of the utmost importance. Thankfully since she has been working with us she has not had any episodes that have caused her to use a wheel chair or walker anymore.

Oh, and for the last 11 years Terry has been driving himself around Sunny Clearwater, Florida in his convertible and even has a custom made golf club!

So what can we learn from the stories of Terry and Marilyn?

  1. Strength training is possible for most everybody. We often get excuses of why people can’t work out and most of them don’t compare to only being able to use half of your limbs. For these people, strength training is almost more important.
  2. This goes along with #1, but don’t let aches and pains stop you from working out. If your doctor says it’s ok to strength train, then do it! All the time we have people come in with knee pain, neck pain or back pain and through strengthening those muscles we can often get rid of, or at least alleviate, the pain.
  3. The last lesson is this: never take life or any part of it for granted. You never know when tragedy might strike and take away your freedom or mobility. Every day be thankful for your life, your struggles and the opportunities that are given to you.



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