You Want To Know About Your Visceral Fat!

The past few weeks we have been talking about the InBody 570, our new body scanning device, and some of the health components it measures. Here at Rock Solid Fitness, the best personal training gym in Clearwater, we have been using this device to help our clients monitor their fat loss and muscle gain efforts. Last week we talked about BMR and today we will continue the series by delving into visceral fat and how it affects you.

You have probably heard about visceral fat from your doctor. It is the fat that is wrapped around your internal organs. Having a high level of visceral fat is bad because it presents a higher risk for many diseases including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and possibly even dementia.

The InBody measures visceral fat in levels, with a visceral fat level 10 being average. Although you cannot specifically target visceral fat, by losing overall body fat your visceral fat levels will go down. The best ways to lose fat are to properly strength train and eat the correct amount of calories, as talked about in last week’s post.

Next week we will be talking about the InBody’s ability to measure the muscle in your trunk and each individual arm and leg, and why that is so important. Be sure to ask your fitness coach or give us a call at 727-282-1800 to schedule an InBody test. We can help you find out your visceral fat level and how you can lower it!

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