Are You Dehydrated?… How Can You Tell?

How can you tell if you’re dehydrated? When you’re thirsty? When you have a headache? What if you’re dehydrated before you actually experience symptoms? What if your body isn’t running like the well-oiled machine it can because it doesn’t have all the water that it needs? Our InBody can answer this for you! Dehydration is a very common problem that can have mild to severe side effects, especially here in sunny Clearwater, Florida.

Here is a scenario that we often see: A woman comes in to Rock Solid Fitness because she cares about her health. She wants to gain muscle and strength, and wants to be healthier. She is serious about getting results so she joins our 4 month four month Rock Star program so that we can help her achieve her goals and keep her accountable. At the beginning of the program she gets on the InBody and finds out that she is in fact dehydrated! But according to her, there’s no way!  She feels fine, eats great and drinks plenty of water…or so she says. Digging a little deeper we find out that she is eating a lower calorie, lower carb diet, drank coffee this morning instead of water, and had a few glasses of wine the night before.
So why is being dehydrated a problem? Your organs need plenty of water to carry out their daily functions, which include burning fat, building muscle, and giving you energy! When you aren’t properly hydrated, it makes it tougher for your body to do these wonderful things for you. To help our new Rock Star we advise her to eat a balanced diet with the correct amount of calories and nutrients (nutrients are key for helping your cells absorb water), record the amount of water she drinks to make sure she’s getting at least eight 8 ounce glasses of water per day, and cut back a little on the wine at night.
Don’t let your body run at less than its full potential! Find out for sure if you are dehydrated or not! Talk to your fitness coach or call Rock Solid Fitness at 727-282-1800 to schedule your InBody session or free introductory workout. Also, leave a comment or shoot us an email to ask about how to stay hydrated, or share your some tips you use to help stay hydrated!
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