The InBody Challenge is Back!


Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! It’s InBody Challenge time! The InBody Challenge is back to spice things up a bit at Rock Solid and re-motivate you to gain some new muscle and lose some unwanted fat! There will be two teams captained by Fitness Coaches Shawn and Drew.
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Points will be given based making improvements on the InBody 570 Analysis and the Big 3 Workout, and the winning team will receive specialty InBody Challenge T-Shirts!

Here’s how the challenge will work: the first week you will get an InBody 570 Analysis to determine your initial body composition and health markers. You will also start your workout with the Big 3, which is the leg press, chest press, and pulldown. We chose these three exercises because they work the most amount of muscle, which in turn will give you the results that you want (building muscle and incinerating fat). The competition will go on for 6 weeks, and then you will once again revisit the InBody 570 and Big 3 workout to see how your strength, body composition and health markers have changed. Points will be given for more strength gains, loss in body fat percentage, decreased visceral fat levels, increased muscle, increased BMR, and hydration levels, as determined from the InBody 570. There will also be weekly challenges on Facebook and you can earn points for your team by completing and responding to the challenges via Facebook. Ask your Coach for more details on your next workout.

So how do you sign up? Email us right now at, or call us at 727-282-1800. You can also sign up at your next workout. Signups will end Saturday February 6th, and the contest will start Monday February 8th and run for 6 weeks. Don’t miss out on your chance to get in on the competition and get results while having fun!
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