“Help! I Need A Personal Trainer”

Right now, somebody is saying to themselves “Help! I need a personal trainer” in Dunedin FL.

And somebody else is saying, “I don’t need a personal trainer.  I can workout just fine on my own”.

So who’s right?  Sure, people who have never exercised before can benefit from a good personal trainer, we can all agree on that.  But what about somebody who already has a bunch of workout experience – is it worth it for them to hire a personal Fitness Coach?

Yes, it is.  And here’s why: 

Top 3 Reasons why you and I need a Personal Trainer:

1. Professional Accountability.

If you have an appointment set with your personal trainer, and you have already paid for the session, you are far less likely to skip that workout.  And once you do show up, you’re not going to be able to talk yourself out of anything.  No more blowing off legs.  No more skipping that last abdominal exercise.  No more starting with bench press every single workout.  Your trainer will hold you accouuntable and make sure you get the results you are seeking by doing what you need to do, not just what you feel like doing.

2. Supervision.

Studies consistently show that just having someone near you watching you exercise causes you to work harder, even if they don’t say a word.  And of course, any good Personal Trainer is going to say a lot of words to you, both coaching your exercise form and encouraging you to put in a maximum effort.  Also, having a second set of eyes watching your technique is a great way to prevent cheating, and more importantly to maintain safety.

3. Variety.

There are certain techniques that can add variety and increase the intensity of your workout that you simply cannot perform on your own (as seen in the video below).  Adding variety prevents boredom, keeps your motivation up, and forces adaptation, which translates into better results.  And since intensity is the critical factor determining the effectiveness of your workout program, utilizing trainer-assisted techniques will make your workouts infinitely more productive.

So no matter what your experience level, having a good Personal Trainer at your side is the way to go!  Come in to Rock Solid Fitness today and let us help you!


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