Technique of the week: Static Holds

We are back with another awesome technique of the week-this time, we are featuring the ever popular, world famous Static Hold Finisher.

A static hold is holding the weight in the fully contracted position of an exercise against full resistance for as long as you can.

Your muscles have strength levels: positive (lifting), the weakest; static (holding), in the middle; and negative (lowering), the strongest.

Once you have lifted a weight until you can’t lift it any more, you will still have enough strength in that muscle to hold, or lower the weight. When you don’t even have the strength to lower it any more, you have exhausted all 3 strength levels, and you’re done. Total failure.

Static holds are a technique we utilize at our Dunedin personal training studio to tap into your static and negative strength levels, in a minimal amount of time, to increase the intensity, and therefore the effectiveness, of those exercises.

If you are stuck at a certain number of reps on an exercise, throwing in a static hold at the end of your set may be the new stimulus you need to get you over the hump and get your progress going again.

Check out the static hold finisher in action:

Be sure to check back next week, when we discuss how to tap into your negative strength level.

Until then, have fun static holding!

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