How to lift weights properly

At any gym in Dunedin FL you will see people wasting their time because they don’t know how to lift weights properly.

Instead of lifting the weight, they throw it.  Instead of lowering the weight slowly, under control, they let it drop.  Instead of using the heaviest weight they can with super strict form, they use too much weight and cheat to move it.

And the biggest sin of all – when the reps start to get hard, and their muscles start to burn, they quit – instead of training to failure.

And after a few months of slavishly dragging themselves to the gym, performing set after unproductive set, they wonder why they aren’t seeing any changes.

But your body doesn’t care what you look like.  It doesn’t care whether you feel sexy and self-confident or not. Your body only cares about one thing, and that one thing is your survival.

Your body will always strive to maintain your physiological status quo, known in scientific terms as homeostasis.  Unless it perceives something as a threat to your survival, it has no reason to expend precious energy altering that status quo.

For example, if you sit in front of a 60 watt light bulb, there is no threat to your survival, so no physical changes are required.  However, if you go out in the hot Florida sun in August, there is a threat to your survival, because exposure to those ultraviolet rays could be life threatening.  So in response, your body produces a sun tan to protect you.

The same principle hold true in the realm of exercise.  If you do something that you are already capable of doing, even though it is momentarily uncomfortable, there is no threat to your survival, so no changes will occur.  But if you regularly attempt the momentarily impossible, your body will respond by producing larger, stronger, more shapely muscles, because over exposure to that type of stress is perceived as a threat to your survival.

Here’s a short video to illustrate why you need to know how to lift weights properly:

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