Technique of the Week: Partials

So every once in a while, somebody around here gets a great idea.  And last week was one of those times.

We decided to showcase one of our special Workout Protocols each week for a while.  And we are kicking things off this week with the “Partials” protocol for our first Technique of the Week.

As an Exercise Coach, one of the things you are always trying to do for your clients is prevent boredom.  Boredom is a motivation killer.  Adding variety to your workouts is a great way to keep yourself mentally fresh, and physiologically it gives your body a new stimulus to deal with, spurring on new progress.

The Partials protocol emphasizes different stages of the full range of motion during the performance of one set.  In order, you will go through a full range of motion; then you are limited to the end range; after that, you stay in the begining portion; then back to full range of motion, to finish at the point of muscular failure.

To make better sense of what I just said, check out this video of the Partial protocol in action:

So just a heads up for you, your Exercise Coach may be HITting you with this technique when you come in this week, just to spice things up for you a bit :) .

Make it a great week, and stay tuned for the next Technique of the Week!

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