A Rock Solid Fitness Tip For The Week: Stay Committed To Your Health With Our Commit To Be Fit Game!

We hope all of you are having a blast this Holiday season and still find time for yourself!  Let’s stay committed to your health and fitness! Our Commit To Be Fit Game is still going and you may be really … Continue reading

A Rock Solid Fitness Tip For The Week: If You Don’t Use It, You Lose It!

“Muscle is the absolute centerpiece for being healthy, vital and independent as we grow older,” says Miriam Nelson, director of the John Hancock Research Center on Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Obesity Prevention at Tufts University’s Friedman School of Nutrition Science … Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Rock Solid Team is very grateful for the opportunity to work with some amazing people, both clients and fellow staff members.  We feel that without good health, not much else matters. 
We are grateful to share in good health every … Continue reading

Special Announcement : Commit To Be Fit – Holiday Edition!

The  Holiday season is here and it is a magical time full of commitments with family, friends and  holiday cheer.  During this time, it is very easy to find excuses and reasons not to stay committed to yourself and your … Continue reading

A Rock Solid Fitness Tip For The Week: Why Do I Strength Train?- By Luke Carlson

All the credit for this week’s fitness tip goes to our wonderful friend Luke Carlson and Discover Strength . Enjoy!

Why Do I Strength Train?
Most people don’t know the answer to this question.  To be clear, they understand what drew them … Continue reading

A Rock Solid Fitness Tip For The Week: Don’t Workout Too Often!

When your body uses up the energy it takes to complete a hard workout, it’s like digging a hole.Before you can make any progress, that hole has to be filled back in—the energy you used has to be replaced.  Once … Continue reading

Did you know That Weight Gain can lead to Low Back Pain?

Aches and pains in the low back may very often be aggravated and caused by obesity. Most of the time this occurs for people with extra weight in their mid section. This happens because the access weight  pulls the pelvis … Continue reading