A Rock Solid Fitness Tip For The Week: Knowing The Risks Is Very Important When Choosing The Right Training Program!

Rhabdomyolysis  is a condition that you never want to have or even come close to! This is where damaged skeletal muscle tissue breaks down and releases dangerous toxins into your blood. It can be caused by a crushing injury, drug abuse, … Continue reading

A Rock Solid Fitness Tip For The Week: Don’t Believe Before and After Pictures!

If you like this information don’t give us the credit and if you don’t like it don’t blame us for it. Next time you look at “Before” and ”After” pictures remember this:

The Shocking Truth About Before And After Photos (PICTURES)
-by … Continue reading

A Rock Solid Fitness Tip For The Week: Make A Commitment!

 Many people set a goal to get in shape, often in the form of a New Year’s resolution.  Very few of these people actually see their goal through and achieve the desired results; perhaps you were one of them.  The … Continue reading

A Rock Solid Fitness Tip For The Week: Make Your Workouts Brief And Intense!

Many people put off starting an exercise program because they think that in order to get results they will have to devote hours upon hours every week grinding out long workouts in the gym.
Actually, the opposite is true.  In order … Continue reading

Do You Still Confuse Exercise and Recreation?

The most destructive and misunderstood concept in fitness today among researchers, large health facilities and the general public is the confusion of exercise and recreation.
Exercise is an activity where the body performs an activity of a demanding nature.
Remember , DEMANDING! … Continue reading

Time To Brag About One of Our Own!

Our wonderful and amazing front desk mastermind Jeannie Tully has achieved some incredible results in only 3 months!
Jeannie used to work as a model and her workout routine consisted of running and rollerblading 6 days a week for at least … Continue reading

It Was an Amazing Zip Line Adventure With Our Wonderful Clients!

                                                                              The Rock … Continue reading

Ladies Lift and Be Healthy, Happy and Good Looking for Life!

Here are some of the benefits of lifting weights for women:
1. Your Metabolism Increases
With age, women naturally lose muscle mass.This causes metabolism to slow and that is how the extra layer around the midsection can be built very easily by … Continue reading

What is High Intensity Interval Training?

Last time I promised to explain High Intensity Interval Training and help you to not confuse it with High Intensity Interval Training…..
Unlike High Intensity Training (H.I.T.), High Intensity Interval Training is a very intense cardio workout. It consists of short … Continue reading