A Rock Solid Fitness Tip For This Week: Let’s Get Your Best Body For Life!- A 90 day Lose Fat Challenge

We want to encourage you to join our 90 day LOSE FAT CHALLENGE!
The Rock Solid Fitness Team will help you to take charge and change your Body Composition.
This premier Program removes all the guess work and takes the excuses out … Continue reading

A Rock Solid Fitness Tip For The Week: When You Hire A Personal Trainer Make Sure They Are Well Educated,Professional and Have The Right Personality!

Hiring a personal trainer is an important, and sometimes tricky, decision.  On one hand, you want to find someone who has a personality you find agreeable, because you will be spending a lot of one-on-one time with your trainer.  Personality … Continue reading

A Rock Solid Fitness Tip For The Week: Make Your Workouts Brief And Intense!

Many people put off starting an exercise program because they think that in order to get results they will have to devote hours upon hours every week grinding out long workouts in the gym.
Actually, the opposite is true.  In order … Continue reading

A Rock Solid Fitness Tip For The Week: Workout Progressively!

The last, almost impossible repetition of each set is the most productive in terms of making your muscles bigger and stronger.  If you never perform that rep, you have not “flipped the switch” to stimulate results, no matter how many … Continue reading

Do You Still Confuse Exercise and Recreation?

The most destructive and misunderstood concept in fitness today among researchers, large health facilities and the general public is the confusion of exercise and recreation.
Exercise is an activity where the body performs an activity of a demanding nature.
Remember , DEMANDING! … Continue reading

Did you know That Weight Gain can lead to Low Back Pain?

Aches and pains in the low back may very often be aggravated and caused by obesity. Most of the time this occurs for people with extra weight in their mid section. This happens because the access weight  pulls the pelvis … Continue reading