A Rock Solid Fitness Tip For The Week: Don’t Believe Before and After Pictures!

If you like this information don’t give us the credit and if you don’t like it don’t blame us for it. Next time you look at “Before” and ”After” pictures remember this:

The Shocking Truth About Before And After Photos (PICTURES)
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A Rock Solid Fitness Tip For The Week: Make A Commitment!

 Many people set a goal to get in shape, often in the form of a New Year’s resolution.  Very few of these people actually see their goal through and achieve the desired results; perhaps you were one of them.  The … Continue reading

A Rock Solid Fitness Tip For The Week: Workout Progressively!

The last, almost impossible repetition of each set is the most productive in terms of making your muscles bigger and stronger.  If you never perform that rep, you have not “flipped the switch” to stimulate results, no matter how many … Continue reading

A Rock Solid Fitness Tip For The Week: Don’t Workout Too Often!

When your body uses up the energy it takes to complete a hard workout, it’s like digging a hole.Before you can make any progress, that hole has to be filled back in—the energy you used has to be replaced.  Once … Continue reading

Do You Still Confuse Exercise and Recreation?

The most destructive and misunderstood concept in fitness today among researchers, large health facilities and the general public is the confusion of exercise and recreation.
Exercise is an activity where the body performs an activity of a demanding nature.
Remember , DEMANDING! … Continue reading

It Was an Amazing Zip Line Adventure With Our Wonderful Clients!

                                                                              The Rock … Continue reading

Don’t Forget The Rest!- by Dave Durell

Believe it or not  a vacation and some extra rest, once in a while, is exactly what you need mentally and also physically as well! Forget about recommendations like “You should keep working out during your vacation so you don’t get … Continue reading

Join Rock Solid Fitness For A High Ropes Course/Zip-line Adventure!

Please come The Rock Solid Team For A High Ropes Course/Zip-line Adventure!
When: Sunday, February 10th at Noon
Where: MOSI Museum Of Science & Industry 4801 E. Fowler Ave, Tampa, FL 33617
How Much: $18 Per Person In Cash To Front Desk By January 25th
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Congratulations to Dean for his amazing achievement in only 90 days!

So happy to introduce our client of the month for October 2012, Dean Ribble . He is a loving husband and father and  very successful in the real estate business.
Dean was really reluctant to give our system a try and made his wife … Continue reading

Check out Larry’s amazing progress!

We are so proud and happy to share one of our client’s amazing progress…
We are honored to introduce Larry Solie, who is 65 years old and retired . He has been a client of Rock Solid Fitness for almost three months.  His … Continue reading