How to Prevent Low Back Pain

This morning one of our training clients, who is a nurse at a local hospital, was telling me how two of her co-workers are having trouble doing their jobs because they had low back problems.  She said she was trying … Continue reading

How to Lose Weight Naturally – and Keep it Off! (Inspirational Guest Post)

If you, like most of us, have struggled to figure out how to lose weight naturally, and keep the weight off long-term, today is your lucky day.
Because today, we are privileged to share a guest post by Rebecca Freedman, who … Continue reading

How much exercise do I really need?

If you went to 10 different gyms in Clearwater FL, and asked 10 people in each gym, “how much exercise do I need?”, no doubt you would get 100 different answers. And the answers you get would be of little … Continue reading