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“I had never engaged in a workout regimen before, but I can say that with Rock Solid Fitness’ direction, I am in better shape now than I have ever been. I have found their approach to be not only highly effective, but challenging, engaging and stimulating. The encouragement and reinforcement provided for success is remarkable.” Steve F.

“I feel great while I’m working out. I also feel now that I will be around for grandchildren and I will be able to play with them and not just able to read to them. People who want to start exercising should just DO IT!” Pat S.

“The strongest feature of the program is the constant open communication between client and trainer to realize the set goals in a mutually beneficial manner.” Pam A.

“The trainer was awesome! He took the time to explain each machine and workout and your philosophy on one set to fatigue. He challenged me, but was also careful not to push too much to cause injury. I would definitely recommend Rock Solid Fitness for a rock solid workout. Awesome!” Michelle G.

“I want to thank you for convincing me to give working out another chance, in particular, giving you an opportunity to work with me. I am enjoying working out again as I have really missed doing it over the past 4 years or so since I last consistently did it. So far my back has not bothered me more than normal and I hope with continued exercise and yoga that I will reduce the amount of discomfort in the coming months. My shoulders (and foot, although that is a lost cause) seem to be the biggest issue and I trust you in that we will resolve that as well.” Jim

I just want to THANK YOU and let you know (which I’m sure your
aware of) that you are a fantastic personal coach and fitness
trainer. I could not have come as far as I have in such a short time
without your assistance and probably would have REALLLYYY hurt myself by now :) Thanks again!” Lee

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