Rock Star Of The Month

July 2015

Our Rock Star this month is the awesome Barbara Shelfer ! Her commitment and an outstanding effort have made her stand out! Thank you Barb! You absolutely Rock!

June 2015

The Rock star for June is our awesome Jeff Stern! Here is what he has to say…

“Eight months ago I had some major back surgery. I had a disk removed and two vertebrae fused together with screws and a bone graft. I have always been actively working out and I was anxious to start back after my physical therapy but I didn’t want to take a chance on damaging the surgical work I had done. Then I heard about Rock Solid fitness and Patty Durell! Patty and her husband have a Physical Therapy background and they can taylor a workout program to safely help people recover from procedures like I had. I started at Rock Solid only 6 weeks after my surgery with a carefully crafted program. Three months later I started playing golf again! My surgery was a great success and I owe much of that to Patty and the Excellent Staff at Rock Solid! I am now in some of the best shape of my adult life and I plan to continue with their program. The Fitness Coaches are very consistent, well trained and a pleasure to work out with. Thanks to all of you!!!!” – Jeff Stern

May 2015

Congratulations to our  May Rock Star, Tony Quesada! He has been so committed and always giving 100% effort! Thanks to that effort Tony got rid of his constant knee and shoulder pain and lost fat!

You Rock Tony! Thank you for choosing Rock Solid Fitness!

April 2015

Here is Our Rock Star for April, Dayna Douglas!

“I started my journey with Rock Solid Fitness on December 30, 2014.  At 42 years old and in the midst of a divorce, I decided it was time to focus on me and my health (and making me date-ready J).  After my initial workout with Shawn, I was about as hooked as a newbie to working out could be.  By the one-month mark, my previously sedentary lifestyle was officially no more.  I have had those days when I just don’t feel like heading to work out after leaving my office, but when I walk through the door at Rock Solid that all just seems to melt away.  The amount of support and encouragement I receive from everyone at Rock Solid Fitness is incredible.  I feel better, my overall confidence is increasing and I’m definitely seeing results.  I still have quite a journey ahead to get to my final goal, but knowing I’ve achieved so much already helps me stay motivated to keep going.  And those achievements are reinforced every time I work out, celebrating a little more weight or a few more reps with whomever my trainer du jour happens to be.  Who knew so much could be achieved in just 30 minutes, 2 times per week?  This has been the best investment I’ve ever made in my health and well-being.”


March 2015

We are so happy to introduce Nathan Greene as our client of the month for this month!

He has been very committed and bringing in the best attitude every time he comes thru our door.His goal was to gain muscle( lean body weight) and he did gain about 5lbs of it for 4 months!

Thank you Nate, keep up the great work!

February 2015

Lisa Smith – Age 40
Married, mother of 2 children Kylie age 10 and Levi age 9
“As you may imaging being married with 2 children, having a successful career as a regional financial controller of a global company and co-owner of a construction company with my husband, life can be very demanding.  and over the years, having a workout program or even just going for a walk  gets put on the back burner.  Then during the summer of 2014, my husband got very sick and endured a TBI.  Now priority was focused on him getting better and through several stages of therapies, plus keeping everything else as business as usual.  After my husband was able to come home, he started out-patient therapy.  He wasn’t happy with the results he was getting, and started to do research.  That is where Rock Solid Fitness came into our lives.  I went with Robert to talk with Patty and the team at Rock Solid Fitness to discuss if this was a possibility for him, which it was and he signed up.  Well then of course, since i would be the one that would have to bring him, I decided to give it a try.
Then after a week, started feeling stronger both physically and mentally and with each week better than the last.  Then my competitive side kicked in and each session wanting to achieve more than the previous as now my favorite words are “double progression”.  In addition to that motivation, what keeps pushing me is something that all of Robert’s doctors said to me at the very beginning when is prognoses was not good, “he is strong and healthy, and that is what will push him through”
So with that being said, if I can balance a healthy lifestyle and maintain my strength – that too will push me through.”- Lisa Smith

January 2015

Meet our awesome super star for January!….

“I jointed Rock Solid 9 months ago with the 12 week program of weight lifting and nutrition counseling. I was basically looking to lose weight and have gotten so much more than that. In addition to losing 35 pounds over the past 40 weeks, I have gained so much energy and am seeing muscles I haven’t seen in many years! The trainers are so knowledgeable and make the workout a lot of fun.”- Betty Mann

December 2014

Meet Marilyn Gale!  Here is what our awesome client of the month has to say :

“I started with Rock Solid Fitness at first thinking it would help me help my handicapped husband and may be would help me lose weight and get stronger. I am stronger and I can care for my husband with much less pain. Now I continue to be committed for “me”. I have more energy, long time back problems are greatly improved. I enjoy and respect all the trainers. I look forward to coming each Monday and Friday.

This is my story and I am sticking to it! ”


November 2014

Meet our superstar for November! Here is what she says:

“My name is Mary Lyon and I have lived in the Tampa Bay area since I was 11 years old.  I happen to be living in the home I grew up in that is located in Dunedin.

 I started working out at Rock Solid Fitness August the 16th of this year and it has been the best thing to happen to me exercise and trainer wise.  I had worked out for five years with a personal trainer on a regular basis and she gave it up.  I refused to not stay in an exercise program and my boss told me about Patty Durell and Rock Solid Fitness in Clearwater.  It was close to my home and my office so that was a plus.  I was a little nervous about going to a new place and I was thinking since it is co-ed that I would have to look like Jane Fonda and have to wear the latest exercise outfits and be all worried about how I look.  It is not that way one bit and no one cares what you wear and the best thing is, it is run on a tight ship and most professional.  You are expected to be on time at all times because there are other appointments.
The work out is for 30 minutes and I would have never thought that would be enough time but it is.  The secret to that I have learned is you are more likely to stay on a twice a week routine at all times.  I have even been out of town and still got in my twice a week.  I have worked out with all five coaches but of course two more than the other three and you do end up getting to know them, liking them and wanting to talk to them.  You are constantly praised, your name is always used and you are told when you are not doing something correctly.
I work as a receptionist at the Chris Coleman Agency which is an insurance agency.  I have my 440 insurance license and have been there nine years.   I am 59 years old and I plan to always work out and I plan to stay at Rock Solid Fitness.  Their biggest goal they have set for me is to eat breakfast,eat more often and to eat within 30 minutes after a work out.
My rediscovery that I just had for being there three months proved that I lost three pounds of fat and gained three pounds of muscle and my overall fat ratio was a reduction of 2.3%.    I did not expect any changes at all since I had been working out and I walk so much but that just shows what Rock Solid Fitness can and will do.
Thank you!!!”

October 2014

Here is our awesome Client Of The Month for this month! Her name is Rondi Frisch and this what she has to say :

“After pounding my knees hard on ski hills throughout my 20’s and suffering the results of a couple of spectacular crashes, I have chronic knee and shoulder issues.  I was looking to get my knees in shape to retake the slopes next spring after a 20+ year hiatus.  In choosing a personal training solution it was Patty and Dave’s physical therapy background and respect for the rehabilitative process that tipped the scales in their favor.  What I didn’t expect was the rapid results I achieved.

I’ve lifted on and off for over 30 years and never experienced results like this.

After more than a year of working out in the traditional format of 3 sets of 12 to 20 reps and hours of cardio, I had hit a wall and was wasting 10 to 12 hours a week at the gym with little or no improvement in my results.  In 7 weeks I’ve blown through that wall and cut my total gym time in half (including a 30 minute drive EACH way to Rock Solid).


I feel healthier and have more energy than I did two decades ago.  I’m able to tackle stairs without cringing.  And, the muscle definition I’m achieving has resulted in a number of double-takes from friends who haven’t seen me in a while.

Best investment I’ve ever made in my health! ”

September 2014

Meet our awesome Client Of The Month for September! His name is David LaPointe and here is what he has to say :

“I am a senior in high school, and I first started working out at Rock Solid Fitness over the summer. I enjoy the friendly and encouraging trainers, and I give it my all. My muscle mass has increased, and I have more self-confidence. The trainers have taught me many new things about how my muscles work and how to train them safely”.

August 2014

“Susan and David Reynolds- What makes it work for us!

David and I are both professionals with demanding jobs that require 50+ hours per week.  My husband is a 9 year cancer survivor and a few years ago I broke my ankle in 3 places and have a titanium plate and 10 screws now.  Our motto has always been WORK HARD, PLAY HARD!

So a few years ago when the voice inside my head realized we had been playing a little too hard and not taking care of ourselves I began looking for a solution.  I considered joining a gym but knew that was not the answer.  In the past after working an 11-12 hour day I knew I would let myself take a pass for that day.  Then what usually happens is that day leads to another and eventually I would be paying for nothing but someone else to use the equipment at the gym.

Then I met Patty Durell and discovered Rock Solid Fitness!  The key to our success at Rock Solid has been 30 minute appointments and a one to one approach to our training.  For individuals on the go with demanding jobs and busy lives APPOINTMENTS WORK!  As a professional I will not miss an appointment and I cannot rationalize away why my health is not worth 30 minutes twice a week.

The benefits for David and I as it relates to our injuries have been significant.  We are both stronger and more confident because of our consistent work outs.  An even more unexpected benefit is the impact to our mental well being.  Consistently working out has truly helped reduce stress, provide balance and definitely supports a positive approach to life’s challenges.

I can honestly say for us this is a long term solution to support our overall health and well being!”


 July 2014

I am 54 and have worked as a massage therapist for 25 years at my sister’s chiropractic office in Clearwater . An MRI at age 40, showed a large low back disc herniation, and I had sciatica and spinal pain on and off. I was able to work most of the time, but was afraid of damage I might  incur with exercise or lifting. I managed my back with gentle chiropractic and less activity.

I started recently in April after talking with a couple of my patients who were Rock Solid clients and whom had remarkable results.  My low back feels sound now and I feel the trainers have done a fantastic job with protecting my spinal health. I feel stronger and have improved definition of all of my muscle groups. My migraine headaches have also decreased. I am very satisfied with the quick results I have obtained with only 10 hours of strength training to date! I work hard and enjoy the personable staff and facility. I am so pleased that now I have my son, David, exercising here as well.
I am so glad I gave Rock Solid a try!
Kathie LaPointe, LMT


June 2014

We feel so lucky to have Aidan Stenson as our client of the month! He as an amazing 12 year old boy and has been training with us for almost a year now! He won our award for the most improvement!

We Love you Aiden!


May 2014

We are excited to introduce our awesome Client Of The Month for May  2014!

“Hello, my name is Dave Kurella. I have lived in the Clearwater area since 1964, a long time. I had a great career in banking but am now retired. When I left work I was 228 pounds and not in the greatest of health. I went from gym to gym looking for someone to get me back on track to a healthy life. After retirement a good friend on mine referred me to a great doctor and a nutritionist who helped me get down to 185 pounds although I range from 185 to 190 at any one time. My goal is to get to180 pounds. These people helped me but I still was lacking getting my strength back.

I worked out with several fitness coaches during the past few years but then I found Patty Durrell had opened up Rock Solid Fitness. She told me her gym was different and just give it a try. Rock is different because it’s easy, 30 minutes twice a week. I didn’t think that was possible. All of the coaches there are very focused on your training. They are very knowledgable and they keep track on your progress on paper. None of the other gyms did this. I could see the progress as time went on. The coaches at Rock make sure you are in the right position on the equipment and that you are doing the exercise the right way. That’s very important. You can waste a lot of time at a gym doing exercises the wrong way and getting little or no benefit from it.

I think the biggest motivation for me when I go to Rock is the enthusiasm of the trainers. Yes it’s hard work during those 30 minutes but the coaches there help you keep driving yourself to be better and better. That’s a rare quality to have and all of the coaches at Rock do that. I feel much stronger now since I
changed to Rock Solid and I hope to continue training there”.- Dave Kurella
Thank you for your commitment and effort Dave, you Rock!


April 2014

We are so proud to have Sharon Williams as our Client Of The Month! She is an amazing wife, a mother and a very successful  financial advisor

” Like many people, I have a very busy schedule helping my clients as a financial advisor and retirement planner and also taking care of my family and home.   Working out with a personal trainer with a scheduled appointment on my calendar forces me to be much more consistent .   I have MUCH better results than I have ever obtained either on my own or with other personal training programs – and with less time.

My hobbies are sailing my Sunfish with Windlasses, kayaking, biking and I want to also start playing golf.  So building strength and keeping my chronic elbow tendonitis in check is important if I want to keep doing the things I enjoy.  Watching my Mom struggle with chronic back pain and degenerative bones issues keeps me motivated because I want to make sure I avoid those types of future problems.

Rock Solid Fitness is the primary reason I am now at least twice as strong as when I started working out with them in mid-2012.  I know they can make me stronger without  hurting my joints.  The RESULTS of their program are AMAZING”.  – Sharon Williams


March 2014

We feel so lucky to have Barb McCleary as our client and proud to call her our Client Of The Month for March 2014!

“I’m a 62 year-old newlywed, mom, Minnesota snowbird, and a second-career marriage and family counselor. I’d love to live independently to a ripe old age, carry my own groceries, and one day travel to far-off places with my wonderful husband and grandchildren. Both of my parents were chronically ill for many years; suffering from heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. I recognize that there are many things I can’t control about my own health, but I do believe that there’s a lot I can do to keep myself healthy, and (hopefully), avoid some of the more common lifestyle-related diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and possibly certain forms of cancer.”-Barb McCleary

We love you Barb! Thank you for your commitment!



February 2014

We are so proud to announce our Client Of The Month for February 2014. Her name is Brenda Hanson and she is an amazing wife, mom and a grandmother and she has been a client since August 2013.

Her schedule is so busy with family and social commitments ,but she still never misses her workouts at Rock Solid Fitness and always gives it her best effort. Brenda is in great shape but she believes she can always improve her health and fitness which is really rare and we admire her attitude and commitment. She also became a member of our  “Body For Life, 90 Day Challenge”  and has made an amazing progress and lost almost 2% body fat for only three weeks!

We feel so lucky to have you as a client Brenda! Thank you!


January 2014

 Happy New Year and Happy New You!

We feel very lucky to have Cheryl  Albritton as our January  client of the month! She is extremely committed to her health and fitness and won our Commit To Be Fit Game with first place. She never misses her workouts and always works out really hard. Cheryl is an amazing mom and wife , and a successful business owner of  Albritton Title, .

Her busy schedule doesn’t prevent her from always making a huge deposit in her health bank by strength training twice a week and  she even managed to lose 7.4 pounds and 2.2% of body fat over the Holidays!

We are proud of you Cheryl and appreciate you very much!


December 2013

 We are so happy to have Richard Venditti as our December Client of the Month!

Richard is 63 years old and is an attorney and the owner of We are very grateful to have him as a client and always admire his great personality, attitude and his hard work during his workouts. His commitment to his health is outstanding! Richard never misses his appointments or our monthly free educational seminars and always gives 100%!

Thank you Richard! We love having you!


November 2013

We are very proud to announce the client of the month for November ,2013. Her name is Mary Reckmeyer and she is one of our most committed and dedicated clients.

Mary has worked out with us for a little over a year. Her hard work and dedication towards reaching her health and fitness goals has payed off and now Mary enjoys a healthy,active and high quality life. She never misses her workouts and is always at Rock Solid Fitness at least 15 minutes before her appointment.

We love you Mary and we feel honored to have you!

October 2013

The Rock Solid Fitness team is so happy to introduce our October client of the month.

Her name is Stacy Solie and she an amazing mom and wife, and a very successful health coach who has helped many of our clients ( for more information visit her weside

Stacy’s commitment and dedication at Rock Solid Fitness is outstanding! She never misses her workouts and always gives 100% during her sessions. Stacy has also shared the healthy habit of strength training regularly with her family and always brings in positive energy and smiles.

Thank you Stacy! We love you!


September 2013

The Rock Solid Team is very proud to introduce our client of the month for September!

Her name is Julie Jones ,a 52 year old hair stylist and she is amazing in every way! Julie is 100% committed to her workouts at Rock Solid Fitness and not only never misses her appointments but always shows up at least 5 min early. She always brings in her positive energy and smiles and works really hard towards achieving her fitness goals.

Julie always attends our monthly educational seminars and loves learning about evidence based strength training and nutrition.

Thank you Julie! We love you!

August 2013

We are very proud of our Client of the month for August! Her name is Kristy Thomas and she is very committed, dedicated and hard working not only when it comes to her workouts, but in her professional life as well.

Kristy is young and very successful . Despite her busy life, she never misses a workout and comes to train even 2 hours before a flight. She understands the importance of having proper strength training as a fundamental part of life and  has shared that with her parents. Now her mom and dad work out at Rock Solid Fitness too.

Thank you Kristy! We love having you!


July 2013

The Rock Solid team is so happy to introduce a very important and adorable Client of The Month for July!

Her name is Brooke Ribble and she is the daughter of our amazing clients Wendy and Dean Ribble. Brooke is such a hard little worker and her goal is to increase her strength so that can help improve her performance and keep her safe from injuries on the skating rink.

We are so excited to have our little sunshine Brooke workout with us!

We adore you Brooke Ribble!



June 2013

We are so honored to introduce our Client of The Month for June! Her name is Gia Rose  and she is a 42 year old amazing woman. The commitment, perseverance and hard work she shows at Rock Solid Fitness are so incredibly emphasized and translate into every aspect of her life.

She is a hard worker and a wonderful mother and wife. Gia’s positivity and warrior like mentality are absolutely contagious !

We love you Gia, and it is an absolute privilege to have you as a client!




May 2013

The Rock Solid Team is excited to introduce our May Client Of The Month. Her name is Kris Economos and she is a wonderful and caring mom and wife.

Besides her love for circus peanuts,she demonstrates exceptional hard work and commitment during her workouts. Kris never misses a session and consistently goes “the extra degree” to make sure she can make it to Rock Solid Fitness and make her deposit in her “health bank”.

She always brings her smile and positive energy!

We love you Kris!


April 2013

The month of April is once again devoted to all of our wonderful clients!

The Rock Solid Team is so happy and grateful to interact and work with such amazing people. There aren’t enough words to describe how honored we are to have each one of our clients walk through our door ,trust us with their health and fitness and let the Rock Solid Team be their servant on the road to reaching their full potential and get in the best physical shape possible.

Thank you so much, Rock Solid Clients!

March 2013

The Rock Solid Team is so grateful  for the opportunity to interact and share amazing moments with our client of the month for March, 2013.

Her name is Pat Stobie and she has an incredibly sweet and happy personality. She is always positive and excited about her workout and NEVER complains. Every time she walks in the studio, the atmosphere fills with great energy and  laughs. She never misses a workout unless a really serious reason comes her way. Pat always jokes that there is not a good excuse to miss a 30 minute workout and her car always finds the way to Rock Solid Fitness.

We greatly appreciate and admire her dedication and consistency!

Thank you Pat ! We love having you!



February 2013

We are so excited to introduce Roxanne Connor, client of the month for February,2013. Roxanne is 53 years old and an amazing mom and wife.

She has an extremely busy schedule that includes a lot of travelling and a ton of social commitments.The Rock Solid Team admires her extraordinary level of commitment to her workouts. Roxanne has been to our studio for a workout literally 2 hours before a flight.

We love having you, Roxanne, and  can’t thank you enough for sharing us with your dear friends!
January 2013

The Rock Solid Team is so happy and honored to introduce Mr. Gary Norman as our client of the month for January,2013.

Gary is 62 years old Mechanical Engineer with  beautiful,positive personality and a great sense of humor.

A year and a half ago Gary decided to give our program a try because of pure curiosity to see what effects High Intensity Training would have on him and the desire to lose weight.

Today the Rock Solid Team is more than thankful for Gary’s commitment despite his busy schedule and all  the travels due to his important job.

It is always a great pleasure having Mr. Norman between Rock Solid Fitness’ four walls.As soon as he walks in, the atmosphere is filled with positivity and motivation for hard work and big smiles.

He works really hard and makes the most out of every set. His rockin’ performance has resulted in improved agility and ability to get around on more challenging surfaces. It has also increased his energy and strength.

That’s how you represent Gary! Maximum effort equals Maximum results!

We thank you very much for trusting Rock Solid Fitness with your health and your strength!


December 2012

Our client of the month for December is long-time trainee Alissa Perrigo.

Alissa has been rockin’ hard with her workouts since 1999.  Alissa is a RN at one of our area hospitals and one of her biggest concerns is keeping her back strong, one of the most common injuries to nurses.

Unlike many people, Alissa has a hard time keeping weight, in particular, lean muscle, on her body.  Over the years, Alissa has added several pounds of muscle, allowing her to be healthy for her profession and her love of adventure, traveling and hiking.

Alissa has enjoyed her Rock Solid Fitness training experience so much, she has shared it with her 75 year old Mom, her sister and brother in law.  The family that trains together, stays healthy together.  Way to go Alissa!

November 2012

Rock Solid Fitness FL would like to take this Thanksgiving month to recognize the hundreds of clients that have allowed us the privilege to be involved with their health and wellness.  This month, you are all client of the month!  Thank You for being a part of the Rock Solid Fitness FL family.

October 2012
So happy to introduce our client of the month for October 2012, Dean Ribble . He is a loving husband and father and  very successful in the real estate business.

Dean was really reluctant to give our system a try and made his wife Wendy,who is a Rock Solid Fitness client, ask around where he can find a spin class because the doctor told him he needs to lose some weight. He was absolutely adamant that this workout 30 minutes, twice a week isn’t going to do anything for him. He wanted that spin class , thinking that all he needed to do was cardio exercise.

Finally he decided to come to one of Rock Solid Fitness’s  free monthly seminars . Dean stood at the very back with his arms crossed and not really buying into anything that was said. By the end of the educational talk something clicked and he decided to give Rock Solid Fitness’s system a try…..

After only 90 days of exceptional commitment and discipline Dean Ribble lost 15.6 lbs. of fat and gained 10.4 lbs. of muscle and  is keeping the hard work. He is an absolute inspiration for the staff and the rest of the clients.

The Rock Solid Team is very grateful  for the opportunity to help Dean in his journey to healthier and happier self.

September 2012

Mariann Turner has been a health care provider as a Speech Language Pathologist for many years.  Her requirement to work with educated health care providers is what brought Mariann to Rock Solid Fitness.  You see, she had a spinal fusion and knee surgery that left her in constant chronic pain and so weak that she was falling.  She was unable to enjoy the activities of normal living.  She kept asking her Dr. and the Physical Therapists that were helping her recover for a referral to a personal training program that was science based.  It took her 2 years to find one, but she finally received a referral by a Physical Therapist to Rock Solid Fitness.

Since Mariann has started her strength training program at Rock Solid Fitness FL, she has been able to return to the pleasures in life that she had prior to her surgeries:  gardening, playing with her grandchildren, going for long car rides, and socializing with her friends.

Mariann has gotten her life back by being dedicated to strength training twice a week.  She is so committed to her health that she comes to Rock Solid Fitness FL now for bi monthly check ups.  We are so proud of her hard work, dedication and committment.  There will be no turning back for Mariann, now she has the education and skills to know what she needs to do to enjoy her life to the fullest.  Way to go Mariann!


August 2012

Ruth Pittman has been a Rock Solid Fitness personal training client since November, 2011.  Ruth was proud to announce she was now 77 years old.  She is a Tai Chi instructor and has been very active all of her life and until November, she never did any structured strength training.  When Ruth started strength training with us, she was using 80 pounds on our Nautilus Nitro Leg Press machine.  She asked at the time, “Do you think I could do 200 pounds on this someday?”  Our reply was, “YES Ruth!” Ruth asked: “How long do you think it would take?”  Our reply: “We don’t know.”

Ruth has made strength training a permanent part of her life since November, 2011.  She keeps her appointments, shows up with a positive attitude and loves the fact that she doesn’t have to worry about anything except working as hard as she can with whatever her coach tells her to do.  This week Ruth reached her goal – she performed 15 repetitions with 200 pounds on the leg press, at 77 years old!  Keep it up Ruth, 250 is right around the corner!

July 2012

Mr. Joe Carroll is a very successful young professional who travels a lot and has very little free time. Currently he is the Director of Risk Services at PSCU Financial Services. Joe is one of those guys who always thought that being in shape required countless hours in the gym, almost every day of the week, and he was really skeptical of our 30 min, twice a week training program.

The Rock Solid Fitness Team really appreciates him for not only  giving our program a try but also for committing to it, putting maximum effort into every set and reaching the best results he’s ever had from exercising. Now Joe is 42% stronger and has dropped several inches from his waist.

Every time Joe walks through our door, our studio fills with extra positive energy, extra motivation and smiles.

June 2012

Joe Webb is one of thos guys that faces a challenge head on.  AND, once he makes up his mind to do something, there is no looking back and he gives it a 100 percent effort.  Joe has built and operated not one successful business, but many.  He is a seasoned high tech executive with senior level tenure in both the private sector as well as publicly traded companies, and currently owns  Web Tools & Technology.

When Joe joined the Rock Solid Fitness FL training program, he had already lost 50 pounds.  He came to a bit of a stand still on his own and decided to give our strength training and nutrition programs a try.   As with most people, Joe had been listening to mainstream media and popular  nutrition misinformation, and was a bit confused and reluctant to try eating more calories and giving up his cardio program.  Once we sat Joe down and explained to him the reasoning behind our program, he decided to give it a go and fully committed to giving it his all.  To date Joe has lost another 15 pounds on the scale, losing body fat and gaining muscle.   When Joe comes in for his workout, there is no doubt he gives it his all on every rep, every set, and every exercise.  He works so hard that he motivates the other clients and staff to give it just a bit more effort while we are around him.

Joe loves his new program and we love Joe.  He gets to eat more, work less and is getting the results he wanted, more muscle and less fat.  We get a hard working, discipline client who motivates us to work harder.  Thanks Joe!

May 2012

May Client of the Month

This month’s Client of the Month award went to Dr. Pamela and Dr. Michael Adams and their staff- “Team Adams”.  Pam and Michael own and operate Adams Dental .   They certainly fall into the busy professional category, but have made a serious committment to their health and wellness by consistently participating in our strength training program since 2005.   They have recognized the benefits of our program so much that they have generously shared it with their loved ones and staff, who are now working out at Rock Solid Fitness as well.  In fact, they were the first of our clients to offer a corporate wellness package as a benefit to being employed with them.

We commend Dr. Pam and Dr. Michael for not only contributing to their own health and wellness, but to contributing to that of their family and staff as well.  There should be more employers like you!

April 2012

April Client of theMonth

Terry Gale has a never say quit attitude when it comes to making his workouts.  Although he has faced more adversity than most of ever will, he continues to push on and perservere.  And, because of this, Terry has reached goals that at first seemed almost impossible.

Over the past nine years, Terry has committed to his health and wellness by rarely missing an appointment.  There are only three things that will keep Terry from coming, sickness, vacation, or a family member in need.

Way to go Terry.  Keep up the good work.

 March 2012

Pat St. John is one of the busiest people we know.  Pat is an OB/GYN Physician at Bay Area Women’s Care in Clearwater, Florida and was recently featured on The Doctor’s T.V. show.

While she has been practicing as an OB/Gyn Physician, delivering babies, being on call, being a wife, and being a mom, she has found the time to committ to her health and strength train with us consistently for the last 10 years.  As busy as she is, she very rarely cancels her appointments.  Pat shows up with a determined, can do attitude and always works hard, always trying to do better than her last workout.

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