Check out Larry’s amazing progress!

We are so proud and happy to share one of our client’s amazing progress…

We are honored to introduce Larry Solie, who is 65 years old and retired . He has been a client of Rock Solid Fitness for almost three months.  His hard work and commitment is combined with  nutritional guidance from Rock Solid Fitness’ partner in crime, the wonderful Health Coach Stacy Solie with .


In only two and a half months Larry lost 5.5 pounds of fat (2.6% body fat)  and he gained 1.9 pounds of muscle( 2.6% muscle mass).

Here is how Larry answered a few of the questions from Rock Solid Fitness’ testimonial Questionnaire:

1. Why did you start training? What are your training goals?

“I started training to improve my overall health, flexibility and to feel and look better. My goal is to continue to improve my overall health and physical appearance.”

2. What kind of results have you gotten?

“The program at Rock Solid Fitness is the only program I have participated in that has actually shown results. The people and the program get results!”

3. What do you like most about the the training program at Rock Solid Fitness?

“The consistency of the workout and the logical growth that results from consistent workout.”

4. What would you say about this program to people who want to  start exercising?

“Get Started!”

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