Top 10 Reasons Rock Solid is the Best Clearwater Fitness Center

Here at Rock Solid Fitness, we are committed to giving you the best fitness experience we possibly can.  Here are the top 10 things that our clients say are different about us and make Rock Solid the Best Clearwater Fitness Center:

10. Workouts for every fitness level – from couch potato to professional athlete.

9. You will lose unwanted body fat all day (even while you sleep) – by turning your body into a fat burning furnace.

8. No more long, slow, boring cardio–EVER.

7. One of our highly qualified Fitness Coaches will be with you on every single rep – teaching you, inspiring you, and leading you to your fitness goals.

6. Time efficient workouts – at Rock Solid Fitness, you’ll get your best results ever with only two 30-minute workouts per week!  Really!

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5. Free educational seminar – the first Tuesday of every month, on the latest fitness and nutrition topics.

4. Individualized workouts – designed just for you, based on your desired results, health history and experience.

3. Guaranteed progress – we keep meticulous written records of every exercise you do, to guarantee you make immediate, dramatic and continuous progress-right from your very first workout.

2. Physical Therapy background – the owners of Rock Solid Fitness have over 20 years of physical therapy experience.  We can design a workout that will work for you even if you have past injuries or physical disabilities.

1. Fun, family atmosphere – Rock Solid Fitness is the place “where everybody knows your name”.

And to prove these things to you, we offer a FREE Introductory Workout–no strings attached.  Once you try it, we know you’ll love it here.

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