Don’t Confuse Lack Of Commitment With Lack Of Success!- by Patty Durell

Do you set a goal to get in shape and LOSE WEIGHT only to find out you can’t have any long term success?  You search and search for the answers, try new things and NOTHING WORKS?

Maybe it is time you check your purposes and commitment level to your own success.  As our very own Dave Durell says from his popular book High Intensity Muscle Building;

The way to make a goal a commitment is to write down your goal followed by the words “No Matter What.”  Take a moment right now to reflect on a goal you have and why it is important to you.  Make a commitment to achieve your goal by writing it down, followed by the phrase “no matter what”, and keep it where you will see it every day.

Commitment means being “all in”. You push all your chips to the middle of the table; you burn your bridges behind you. There is no turning back.

If you truly make this “No Matter What” commitment you will succeed at your goal or die trying to achieve it.  Chances are, you will succeed before you die.

One of my favorite quotes of Dave’s book is;

“Without commitment, very little of great value is possible. With it, very little is impossible.”


 So, stop blaming circumstances in your life, your job, your family, your upbringing, your genetics, your spouse, your children, (you get the idea), and make the commitment for a strong, lean, healthy you for life!  YOU DESERVE IT!

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