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Have you started fitness programs for yourself in the past with the best of intentions, only to give up when you didn’t see any results?  Or started believing that being in shape is only possible for athletes and entertainers, who have hours a day to work out?  Or worse yet, given up hope of ever reshaping your body and increasing your energy, sex appeal and self esteem?

If this describes your situation, then this message is for YOU.

In order to build shapely muscles and burn off body fat on a permanent basis, a stimulus must be applied that sets the muscle-building process in motion.

What is that stimulus? Intensity.

As it applies to exercise, intensity is defined as the percentage of maximum momentary effort being exerted. And make no mistake, your workouts must be intense for you to get real results. Nobody gets great results doing wimpy workouts with light weights.

So intense training has to come first; it is the stimulus, the thing that flips the switch and sets muscular change into motion.

But your body doesn’t actually change during the workout; the workout merely stimulates the change. Then you need a recovery period to give your body time to produce those changes.

And if you workout again before that entire process is completed, you will short circuit the entire process, and ALL your training efforts will be wasted.

You must be careful to perform the precise amount of intense training required to stimulate muscle growth-no more, no less; then, get out of the gym for the precise amount of time required to allow that muscle growth to take place. Anything less is under-stimulating; anything more is over-training; and if you don’t get it just right, you won’t get bigger and stronger-period.

And believe me, the precise amount of training is waaaay less than you think.

And when you add lean muscle tissue to your body, it takes extra calories to keep that new muscle tissue alive and functioning.  These extra calories have to come from somewhere; and as long as you are eating a reasonably well-balanced diet, and don’t over-eat, your body will take the extra calories needed from your stored body fat, and send them to your new muscle tissue. And this happens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week–turning your body into a fat burning furnace.

You’ll look better, feel better, and function better, all in record time, and spend so little time working out that you’ll have no problem sticking with it.

And that’s what Rock Solid Fitness Clearwater is all about.

With The Rock Solid Fitness Workout Program, You Can Now Build Lean, Shapely Muscle While Melting Off Ugly Body Fat – In Only 30 Minutes, Twice A Week!

The Rock Solid Fitness program is your ticket to having a leaner, sexier, healthier body. We are a serious, intimate, one-on-one personal training studio conveniently located on Sunset Point Road in Clearwater, Florida. Everything you need to get going and succeed is right here: a simple and easy to understand program that will get you incredible results practically overnight.

With Rock Solid Fitness workouts, you’ll build lean, shapely muscle, burn off ugly body fat, and complete your workout in only 30 minutes, while training only 2 days a week.  You’ll conquer the “time problem” we all face in  our fast-paced lives these days, giving you more time to enjoy the body you’ve worked hard to achieve.

And you’ll no longer have to spend countless hours in the gym using unproductive training methods, only to end up disappointed with the results. The Rock Solid Fitness program works for adding muscle and losing fat, and it works fast.

Call 727-282-1800 Now Or Click Here To Schedule your FREE Introductory Workout!

But don’t take our word for it–see what people who are actually using the Rock Solid Fitness Clearwater program have to say:

“I had never engaged in a workout regimen before, but I can say that with Rock Solid Fitness’ direction, I am in better shape now than I have ever been.  I have found their approach to be not only highly effective, but challenging, engaging and stimulating.  The encouragement and reinforcement provided for success is remarkable.”  Steve F.

“I feel great while I’m working out.  I also feel now that I will be around for grandchildren and I will be able to play with them and not just able to read to them.  People who want to start exercising should just DO IT!”  Pat S.

“The strongest feature of the program is the constant open communication between client and trainer to realize the set goals in a mutually beneficial manner.”  Pam A.

“The trainer was awesome!  He took the time to explain each machine and workout and your philosophy on one set to fatigue.  He challenged me, but was also careful not to push too much to cause injury.  I would definitely recommend Rock Solid Fitness for a rock solid workout.  Awesome!  Michelle G.

Try The Rock Solid Fitness Program FREE!

Call 727-282-1800 Now Or Click Here To Schedule your FREE Introductory Workout!

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