Happy Carpe Diem Day

On March 31st, 2003, a doctor told me I had prostate cancer. I was 44 years old.

That’s not good.

On June 4th, 2003, a different doctor performed surgery on me to remove the cancerous gland.

That is good.

Today, June 4th, 2012, is the 9th anniversary of that surgery, and the doctor tells me cancer is still undetectable in my body.

That’s very good.

I have proclaimed June 4th “Carpe Diem Day”. I celebrate it every year, and invite you to celebrate it with me.

Carpe Diem is Latin for “seize the day”. Being diagnosed with a terminal disease, and subsequently getting it taken care of and receiving a second chance at life, gives one a new perspective on how very precious each moment of life is.

I believe that every person’s highest moral purpose is the achievement of their own happiness. Whatever you need to do to achieve yours, I encourage you to “seize the day” and do something today to move you one step closer to it.

As my fellow cancer survivor Lance Armstrong would say-every second counts!

Seize the day,

Dave Durell, MS, PTA, Master HIT Trainer
Rock Solid Fitness FL


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