Resolutions For a Happy and Strong New Year!

Luke Carlson

Luke Carlson

Many people start the New Year with good intentions towards getting in better shape once and for all. However ,just having good intentions is not enough. You have to use   the right approach and technique to get your best results.

Here are some great mini New Year’s resolutions from Rock Solid Fitness’ dear friend Luke Carlson ,who is the owner of Discover Strength, in Minnesota:

1.Link the results/outcomes you desire to the type of exercise that stimulates those results.  Stated otherwise, don’t expect Yoga to help you lose weight or running to help you increase muscle.  Surprisingly, the vast majority of exercisers are performing exercise that does not stimulate the physiological changes they desire.

2.Work with a higher level of intensity… For a shorter period of time.

3.Focus on the process, the form, and the technique rather than the outcome.  Stated otherwise, don’t focus on how many you did.  Focus on how you do them.  Exercise is a means to an end, not an end in itself.  Lifting X pounds for X number of reps does nothing positive for your fitness.

4.Aim for consistency rather than “flurries” of exercise.  For example, complete 1 strength workout every 10 days for an entire year (36 workouts in a year) rather than a 2-month period of 2 workouts per week followed by a 2-month period sans strength training.

5.Strength train slowly.  Avoid any form of strength exercise that involves fast or sudden movement.  This fast movement unloads your muscles resulting in reduced muscle fiber recruitment.  If you are already moving slowly while strength training, focus on moving even slower with particular attention paid to the transition from positive to negative.

6.Consume a post-exercise snack containing 20 grams of protein after every strength workout.


Have  a Very Happy and Strong New Year!


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